Solve Dog Potty Problems with Artificial Grass

Solve Dog Potty Problems with Artificial Grass

Dogs love to run and romp in yards of all kinds, but your yard probably doesn’t love your dog — all of the fun dogs have across the surface of your green grass leaves behind awful effects. From running that creates rough and unsightly dead spots to digging that leaves behind holes and all kinds of behaviors in between, dogs spend a lot of energy outside on your precious green grass. How can you save your lawn without locking your dog inside?

Behaviors like digging and trampling are ones you can train a dog away from, but even dogs’ natural tendencies, like eliminating waste and urinating, can damage your lawn. If your grass has difficulties with drainage, or your variety of grass can’t withstand your dog’s bathroom habits, you may find that your grass features an odor buildup that just won’t disappear.

Don’t suffer through your dog’s potty problems; choose a safe, effective alternative to keep both your dog and your yard thriving – EasyTurf of North Texas’ synthetic turf installation.

EasyTurf of North Texas provides landscaping solutions for homeowners who seek both a safe, comfortable place for their dogs and a lawn that solves dog potty problems and drainage issues. The artificial grass installed by EasyTurf of North Texas is the top choice for animal care professionals. Only EasyTurf of North Texas synthetic lawns have a permeable backing that leads to superior drainage throughout the product, reducing any smell, stench, or sanitary issues. With EasyTurf of North Texas, your poor drainage problems are a worry of the past, keeping your yard free of doggy potty issues and the resulting odor.

In addition to its superior drainage capabilities, EasyTurf of North Texas lawn grass is also safe for pets. Little maintenance is required — there’s no need for a gardener, or specialized attention — and no pesticides are in the material, so you have no need to worry about chemicals that can harm your dogs. It’s also fun for your pets, as they enjoy the comfortable, soft and plush-to-the-touch synthetic lawn that takes the place of ever-dying traditional grass.

The benefits for your pets are overwhelming; there’s no better choice than EasyTurf of North Texas and their incredible synthetic lawns. Call today for a quote from our professionals, and you and your pet will be on your way to enjoying a new, beautiful lawn.

Should You Choose Artificial Turf with Pets?

Should You Choose Artificial Turf with Pets?

Dog owners love their pets, but no dog owner loves the mess left behind by their beloved pets. Homeowners who are lucky enough to have large backyards may choose to create a separate space for their dog to run where they are not able to dig holes — or, basically, “mess” up the yard. If you, however, are someone who has a small backyard and dogs who know how hard it is to keep a yard going in the midst of pet- and kid-related wreak havoc on it, you may want to consider choosing artificial turf, or fake grass.

Manufactured grass and lawn products stay green year-round, ignoring all seasons, and are highly suited for those high traffic areas that can turn into marked pathways after much use. Forget that dead and long-term damage; with an artificial lawn, you can keep your grass looking green even with pets. Perhaps most importantly, a well-kept lawn made with artificial turf will also raise a home’s value on the real estate market — so forget Fido; you can make a pet happy and grow your home. Whether you have a large or small backyard, artificial grass can keep your home looking beautiful and your grass freshly green.

Do Dogs Need Actual Grass?

Dogs need grass — truly green grass, the soft and flexible variety under their paws. While dirt will do, dogs are animals that prefer grass. They enjoy the simple activity of rolling in it, playing in it, digging it up and, in some cases, even eating it. Although a dog can’t do the same with manufactured grass, they can do everything else and live the same quality of life. People who have dog runs are among those who understand that dogs prefer the feel of grass to that of cement or stone. Cement and stone can be extremely abrasive to the pads of dogs’ feet, leading to irritation and discomfort that cannot occur on grass or other soft surfaces. The discomfort caused by a tough and abrasive surface can be dramatically increased in the summer months, when the temperature of cement can become extremely hot for dogs to walk upon. Using artificial turf in your backyard, front yard, or even self-contained dog run, eliminates those factors and allows your dog to spend time in a more natural environment without harm.

Keep it Low Maintenance

When you’re stuck with a small yard and limited space, it can be difficult to use a lawn mower without constantly bumping into obstacles — and, if your yard is on the smaller side, even maneuver a lawn mower over your space. Dog runs made with artificial turf, however, do not require mowing and maneuvering. In fact, they need just minimum care. When you choose artificial grass, you no longer need to:

  •  Mow
  • Trim
  • Rake
  • Pull weeds
  • Fertilize
  • Water

Artificial turf provides dogs with a space in which to run without making extra work for you. They can exercise and play as needed, without requiring you to be there for supervision. Additionally, you no longer need to worry about maintaining your yard and its detrimental wear and tear. With traditional and natural grass, paths are worn into high traffic areas, brown patches can appear and mowing a small area can seem futile. When dirt does begin to show through weak areas of grass, reseeding is next to impossible if you can’t keep the kids and the pets out of the yard.

Artificial turf provides the perfect “no muss, no fuss” solution to homeowners who want to keep their pets happy without adding extra work and expense to the solution. In the long run, using manufactured grass in specific areas of the lawn or to create a suitable dog run, can be extremely cost effective.

Why Your Pets will Prefer a Synthetic Lawn by EasyTurf of North Texas

Why Your Pets will Prefer a Synthetic Lawn by EasyTurf of North Texas

Your pets are as invested in your lawn as you are: they want soft, comfortable grass that they can run, play, and roll upon while outside. Of course, you want the same for your lawn — but you also have a few additional requests and requirements as a homeowner. You want grass that is clean, that drains excess water quickly and easily, and that is healthy and green. What if you could make both yourself and your pets happy with your lawn? You can achieve this goal by installing EasyTurf.

EasyTurf of North Texas offers artificial lawn installation at your home that looks and feels like the real thing; neither you nor your pets will be able to notice the difference. Synthetic turf is safe and comfortable for your pets to spend time running, jumping, chasing and playing — and it’s a sturdy product. All of the play and foot traffic across a fake lawn doesn’t create holes, brown patches or dead, bare spots. Instead, it remains green, even, and natural-looking no matter how it is enjoyed.

Your pets will certainly enjoy EasyTurf synthetic lawn turf, and you will, too. Artificial turf is cleaner than natural grass because it has a rubber infill instead of soil, preventing mud or dirt from being tracked into your house and across your indoor flooring. Additionally, EasyTurf artificial lawn grass features superior drainage capabilities, so standing water is never an issue at your home. With no wet dirt, or mud, to form with a lack of soil, it’s easy to keep your yard and pets clean.

EasyTurf of North Texas also offers the following advantages:

  • Low maintenance.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Installed by trained and skilled professionals.
  • Cost efficient for years to come.
  • Perfect for dog parks, playgrounds, schools, and even businesses.

This is something you, your family, and your pets can agree on – choose to make it easier on yourself while still allowing your fun-loving pets and children to play without worry for your lawn. Call EasyTurf of North Texas today for a quote on synthetic grass installation at your home.

Call today, get pet grass from your free, design adviser who will help make your pet happy, and receive a quote from the professionals so you and your pet can enjoy a new, beautiful lawn.

Helpful Tips To Fix Dog Urine Spots on Your Grass

Fix Dog Urine Spots on Your Grass with These Tricks

Many homeowners who consider dogs a part of their family must find ways to deal with the brown and yellow areas that appear upon the green grass of their lawns. Each time a dog eliminates waste, it leaves behind a dead and damaged spot in brown or yellow. Dogs will often return to the same area repeatedly to relieve themselves. This, unfortunately, can kill natural grass leaving an unsightly bare spot. If you choose to use artificial turf, you still cannot avoid fading of the vibrant green color with the passage of time and frequent urination. Whether your home has natural grass or artificial turf, large stains caused by dog urine can make the yard look unattractive and undesirable. Pet owners, however, can eliminate and minimize these use by choosing to install dog runs so pets have their own area of the lawn designated solely for them.

Rely on Your Warranty

If you have artificial turf and find yourself faced with large areas of discolored grass caused by dog urine, check your warranty. Many manufacturers will replace those areas as part of the product warranty. It is important to thoroughly read the warranty for any product before you purchase it. Pet owners who know there is a possibility of urine stains should make sure whatever artificial turf product they choose to invest in offers partial replacement if the situation occurs. The warranty will also state any stipulations that may void the warranty. Read your warranty thoroughly and if you have any questions, call the company for clarification.

Consider Painting Your Lawn

People who have natural grass lawns are choosing to paint their lawns when they become discolored. Landscaping companies are now offering an organic paint that can restore the vibrant green color of natural grass. When considering painting or spraying your lawn a permanent color, you may want to call a landscaping company or two in your area to find out if their paint will work on urine-stained grass. Because of the organic salts and compounds in the urine, the paint may have a hard time adhering to the blades of grass. If it is not able to adhere properly, it will wash away or wear off much faster than it should.

Don’t be Afraid to Designate a Landscaped Area

Depending on where the stains are located, a homeowner may be able to remove the damaged area of grass. A small patio with a grill or barbecue pit is just one option to consider. A rock garden with a bird bath and decorative grasses is another way to cover up a damaged area of lawn. Or, choose to use a small fountain or pond to add a touch of water. Statues, flowering plants, different colors of foliage and lights can all be incorporated together to create a one of a kind area that compliments the look of the home.

When a lawn becomes damaged, there are several ways to correct the problem. With natural grass, the most common option is to remove the dead or dying grass and reseed that area with the same seed. However, areas stained by dog urine may not be conducive to viable grass growth. The first few layers of soil may have to be removed due to years of damage, and they will need to be replaced with similar dirt to ensure good growth. You should also consider how much money you want to spend on annual, or even more frequent, repairs.

Stop Brown Spots from Dog Urine On Your Grass

Keep Brown Spots from Dog Urine Off Your Lawn

Having dogs can be extremely hard on a yard. Sure, they love to play — but their urine and feces can leave ugly, brown and yellow dead spots in your yard, especially if they frequent the same areas. Over time, your pet’s waste causes grass to eventually die, and it is extremely hard to grow back to health because the pH balance of the soil has forever changed. If you want to make sure your lawn remains uniformly green and vibrant without having to hinder the bathroom habits of your pet, there are several things you can do.

Build a Dog Run

One of the easiest ways to protect your lawn from ugly brown spots is to build your dog a special space in which to stay: an enclosed dog run. Dog runs can be made with concrete or artificial turf, both of which are resilient against their frequent waste. Those made with artificial turf allow your pet to run and play on a surface much like natural grass. They can lay down in comfort, and can remain in the dog run for several hours if there is a form of shelter inside. You can give your pet the time they need to run, play and exercise without worrying about your lawn.

Rinse Regularly

Another way to avoid unsightly dead areas on your grass is to be vigilant in rinsing any area where your pet chooses to relieve themselves. Some pets may not ever seem to go in the same place twice, while others have favorite areas they use every time they go outside. If they go in a multitude of places, rinsing the area may not be necessary. If they choose to repeatedly go back to the same spots, it’s a good idea to thoroughly water the area every few days in an effort to reduce the levels of acids and salts left behind after urine evaporates. If they are left to build up, they will not only discolor the grass, but eventually kill it and leave behind ugly bare spots.

Walk Your Dogs

Dogs that are kept inside need to be walked on a regular basis. Leashing them up and heading out into the neighborhood will offer more than exercise — it will also prevent them from using the same place in your yard to relieve themselves. Taking your animals on walks away from your property will prevent them from soiling your lawn. Of course, you will always need to make sure to retrieve any droppings they leave behind while you are out on your walk.

You can also choose to head to a local dog park or other outdoor area where you don’t have to worry about where your pet urinates. The only thing you’ll need to keep in mind is that any feces must be picked up and removed. Many animal parks even offer plastic bags and receptacles if you run out, or forgot to bring your own.

Choose Artificial Turf

If you have a small yard and can afford the additional expense, replacing a natural grass lawn with artificial turf can solve your pet potty woes. The total cost of the turf may seem expensive when first considering installation, but when divided up over the lifespan of your new artificial lawn, the cost is reasonable. You will also spend less money on lawn upkeep with no need to mow, trim, or water your grass. Artificial turf requires virtually no maintenance, so you can skip all of the time you spend caring for a natural grass lawn. One of the biggest advantages for those who live in dry areas is there is no need to water the lawn, especially if you live in an area where drought restrictions do not allow it.

The Best Purchases to Make for a Dog-Friendly Backyard

The Best Purchases to Make for a Dog-Friendly Backyard

Whether your dog is a primarily indoor or outdoor pet, it’s important that your dog has what they need no matter their environment. After all, every dog loves spending time outside, able to run and play without restraint in the fresh, invigorating air. But spending days in the backyard doesn’t mean your dog can survive and thrive with just a lawn and a bit of shade. They also need some items of comfort: a shelter in the event of rain, dishes for both water and food, plenty of toys, and ample space to play. These are the items that will make your dog’s backyard time even better than usual.

A Sturdy Dog House

It is important to provide your dog with a clean, dry dog house sturdy enough to withstand weather changes like wind and rain. A simple shelter should also include bedding for your dog to rest upon that is both comfortable and warm. Some dogs prefer straw or fiber bedding, while others may be more comfortable with an old blanket; it’s your choice as to what to place inside the dog house. Some dogs, of course, may prefer no bedding at all, but it’s a good idea to offer it to provide them with extra comfort. You have a wide variety to choose from when picking a dog house; dog houses come in many different shapes and sizes. No matter what style you prefer, or choose, consider buying one that offers leak-free protection to keep your pup dry and warm in any weather.

Heavy Food and Water Dishes

Dogs love to eat, both treats and meals, and their excitement often leads them to turn over their food and water dishes. When selecting dishes for your dog’s outdoor adventures, choose weighted dishes to prevent unexpected spills of water or food. After all, you don’t want to leave waste on the ground, or your pet without a water supply. Dishes are made from so many different materials: heavy and thick plastic, metal or ceramic. Choose a sturdy and solid one for your dog, as they will remain stable despite bumps, excitement, and fervent eating. Heavier dishes also prevent dogs from gnawing on the edges and causing damage. Dogs are notorious for chewing dishes made of plastic, and that behavior can cause small pieces break off, leading them to ingest dangerous bits of the bowl. Choose the best bowl you can find, and you won’t have to worry about the sharp edges of chewed-off pieces cutting or perforating their stomach and intestines, leading to greater health issues.

Find Eco-Friendly Toys

Dogs get bored, even when they have plenty of space to run around in your yard. Help keep them busy by leaving them with plenty of toys. Dog-friendly toys will keep their attention on their fluffy friends when you aren’t around. Cloth rope toys, rawhide chews, tennis ball and frisbees are all good choices, helping dogs to play tug-of-war, chew away, and even bounce their own balls. Try to avoid soft plastic toys with squeakers or stuffed animals that have small parts, as these soft materials are easily chewed apart — and dogs love to chew into small parts like squeakers. To keep your dog from swallowing these dangerous items, harming their digestive system and causing other health issues, aim to purchase toys with no small pieces of any kind.

Opt for an Enclosed Kennel

Don’t want your dog running across your yard and destroying your grass? An enclosed kennel, or even a dog run, will offer your dog an area in which to run and play without restraints like a leash. Your dog can wander through their designated space at its leisure, and play with the provided toys as they please. If you don’t want to worry about the grass beneath your dog’s kennel, you can choose to put in artificial turf. You won’t have to spend time maintaining the area; on a regular basis, you’ll simply need to remove the dog’s waste and rinse away any residue from the urine or fecal matter left there. Dogs are able to enjoy, play, and roll on artificial turf, just like on natural grass.

While your dog enjoys the world beyond your home, it’s important to provide them with items to stay occupied and safe. While nothing will replace your company, toys, shelter, and the abundance of readily available food and water will keep their minds off your absence.

Artificial Turf For Dogs: What Are The Benefits?

Pet owners and their pooches are finding that artificial turf for dogs can make their lives much happier. That’s because artificial turf for dogs has many advantages over natural grass.

Artificial turf, once used only for professional sports fields, is finding its way into the yards and hearts of homeowners. People are discovering that installing artificial turf for dogs saves them time and money in the long run. With pets, it also had numerous other advantages.

The Better Way

Artificial turf for dogs is proving itself to be a better option for pets than natural grass. There are several ways artificial grass helps dogs including:
· It virtually eliminates fleas, ticks and other insects from your yard.
· You no longer have to use chemicals on your pet to control fleas.
· Your dog will no longer suffer from grass allergies.

Artificial turf blocks the ground from insects, essentially cutting off their food supply. This motivates insects to find new ground outside of your yard. Your dog will no longer suffer from fleas and ticks while playing outside.

Reducing the insect population also means you will no longer need heavy chemicals to treat and repel fleas and ticks. Eliminated those will help your dog live longer, as many veterinarians are now finding those pills, sprays, collars and other anti-flea and tick prevention options cause long-lasting health problems.

More dogs are having allergies than ever before, with many grass allergies included. Installing artificial turf for dogs will reduce those allergies and make your dog happier through the pollen season.

Other Benefits

Installing artificial turf for dogs provides other benefits for you as a pet owner. Some of those include:
· Your dog can’t dig holes in the yard.
· There are no more bare and muddy spots for your pet to roll in.
· There will no longer be mud brought into your home from the dog.
· You will not be constantly bathing your pet after playing outside.
· There is easy clean up after your dog uses the bathroom outside.

Your dog can play and run on artificial turf just like he does on natural grass. Artificial turf is soft to the paws and feels like real grass, minus weeds and sticker grass that sometimes infiltrates real grass.

Artificial turf for dogs helps your pet and your house stay cleaner, longer. Since your dog will no longer roll on loose grass and dirt, you will not need to bath him so often. One of the best aspects of artificial turf for dogs is the fact that it prevents your dog from digging holes. He can’t get through the strong blades, infill, and base. So, you will spend less time refilling and trying to keep your yard looking great. Clean up after messes are easy. A pooper-scooper and a spray hose are all that is needed. A good infill eliminates any pet odors left by your dog’s bathroom activities.

Installing artificial turf for dogs costs less in the long run than natural grass, so you can spend some of the savings on spoiling your fur baby. Pets will love the yard even more, as will you.