Keep Your Dog Clean with Artificial Turf

Keep Your Dog Clean with Artificial Turf 1

Keep Your Dog Clean with Artificial Turf

Dogs love to play, and they love to get dirty. Any animal has natural instincts about how to protect itself in the wild, and the playtime behavior of dogs keeps bugs at bay. After all, what bug — or even human — wants to run around in mud for no reason? The key to keeping your dog clean isn’t limiting its time outdoors; instead, you simply need to alter the environment your pup plays in so dirt and grass are no longer contributing and dirt-inducing factors.

Artificial turf offers homeowners a number of benefits. For homeowners, the yard can still look beautiful year-round, and your favorite pet will have no idea that the grass they romp around on isn’t real. A fake lawn limits dogs’ exposure to dirt, and, as an added bonus, the grass itself won’t get stuck in their coat. Dog owners can enjoy immediate benefits by installing a synthetic lawn.

Artificial Turf Will End Muddy Paws

When you replace your lawn with artificial turf, a number of other problems disappear. The first thing you will notice is a decrease in dirty paw prints from a wet yard — you know, the kind that always somehow end up covering your sliding glass door.

Eliminate Urine Marks

When you choose to install an artificial turf product engineered for drainage, pet stains and smells become a phenomenon of the past. When artificial turf is installed, it is installed over a layer of base material compacted before the turf is installed atop this layer.

Typically, this base material is between three and four inches in thickness. The base then becomes the drainage system for all liquids, able to send all of your pet’s waste away from its surface. The turf material is then placed over the base rock with another layer of sand and rubber, completing your new lawn.

Forget and Forgive Digging

The mesh and fiber system used to create artificial turf gives the exact same look and feel as natural grass. It is tightly interwoven so dogs cannot penetrate its network with their claws or other messy behaviors. No digging means no holes in the yard, no dirty patches of brown lacking green, no standing water when it rains, no dirt piles and, best of all, no dirty dog.

Encourage Rolling and Playing

Dogs love to roll around on turf. In addition to the warmth from the sunlight each day, the blades of natural or synthetic grass scratch their backs, their skin, and all other agitated parts. With natural grass, dogs typically will lay on the lawn because it is cooling in its nature.

Dogs with exceptionally fluffy fur will inevitably pick up grass, leaves, and other lawn debris in their coat when playing or rolling in the yard. Because an artificial lawn requires absolutely no mowing or trimming, no glass clippings exist to get trapped in your pets’ fur. In fact, because of the nature of the blades of artificial grass, when an animal rolls, it can actually help to rid them of unwanted hair they shed every season.

Of course, your dog will still need baths and trimming of its fur; having a lawn made of artificial turf will dramatically reduce the number of “emergency trips” that you will need to keep your pups clean. Artificial turf helps to keep your house and family members, including pets, as clean as possible without worrying about the status of your lawn.

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Tim Taylor is an industrial engineer and entrepreneur with years of hands-on experience in the synthetic turf industry. As a member of the Synthetic Turf Council, he dedicates his time, energy, and resources to finding real solutions to real problems for synthetic turf products and installation processes.

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