The Best Purchases to Make for a Dog-Friendly Backyard

The Best Purchases to Make for a Dog-Friendly Backyard 1

The Best Purchases to Make for a Dog-Friendly Backyard

Whether your dog is a primarily indoor or outdoor pet, it’s important that your dog has what they need no matter their environment. After all, every dog loves spending time outside, able to run and play without restraint in the fresh, invigorating air. But spending days in the backyard doesn’t mean your dog can survive and thrive with just a lawn and a bit of shade. They also need some items of comfort: a shelter in the event of rain, dishes for both water and food, plenty of toys, and ample space to play. These are the items that will make your dog’s backyard time even better than usual.

A Sturdy Dog House

It is important to provide your dog with a clean, dry dog house sturdy enough to withstand weather changes like wind and rain. A simple shelter should also include bedding for your dog to rest upon that is both comfortable and warm. Some dogs prefer straw or fiber bedding, while others may be more comfortable with an old blanket; it’s your choice as to what to place inside the dog house. Some dogs, of course, may prefer no bedding at all, but it’s a good idea to offer it to provide them with extra comfort. You have a wide variety to choose from when picking a dog house; dog houses come in many different shapes and sizes. No matter what style you prefer, or choose, consider buying one that offers leak-free protection to keep your pup dry and warm in any weather.

Heavy Food and Water Dishes

Dogs love to eat, both treats and meals, and their excitement often leads them to turn over their food and water dishes. When selecting dishes for your dog’s outdoor adventures, choose weighted dishes to prevent unexpected spills of water or food. After all, you don’t want to leave waste on the ground, or your pet without a water supply. Dishes are made from so many different materials: heavy and thick plastic, metal or ceramic. Choose a sturdy and solid one for your dog, as they will remain stable despite bumps, excitement, and fervent eating. Heavier dishes also prevent dogs from gnawing on the edges and causing damage. Dogs are notorious for chewing dishes made of plastic, and that behavior can cause small pieces break off, leading them to ingest dangerous bits of the bowl. Choose the best bowl you can find, and you won’t have to worry about the sharp edges of chewed-off pieces cutting or perforating their stomach and intestines, leading to greater health issues.

Find Eco-Friendly Toys

Dogs get bored, even when they have plenty of space to run around in your yard. Help keep them busy by leaving them with plenty of toys. Dog-friendly toys will keep their attention on their fluffy friends when you aren’t around. Cloth rope toys, rawhide chews, tennis ball and frisbees are all good choices, helping dogs to play tug-of-war, chew away, and even bounce their own balls. Try to avoid soft plastic toys with squeakers or stuffed animals that have small parts, as these soft materials are easily chewed apart — and dogs love to chew into small parts like squeakers. To keep your dog from swallowing these dangerous items, harming their digestive system and causing other health issues, aim to purchase toys with no small pieces of any kind.

Opt for an Enclosed Kennel

Don’t want your dog running across your yard and destroying your grass? An enclosed kennel, or even a dog run, will offer your dog an area in which to run and play without restraints like a leash. Your dog can wander through their designated space at its leisure, and play with the provided toys as they please. If you don’t want to worry about the grass beneath your dog’s kennel, you can choose to put in artificial turf. You won’t have to spend time maintaining the area; on a regular basis, you’ll simply need to remove the dog’s waste and rinse away any residue from the urine or fecal matter left there. Dogs are able to enjoy, play, and roll on artificial turf, just like on natural grass.

While your dog enjoys the world beyond your home, it’s important to provide them with items to stay occupied and safe. While nothing will replace your company, toys, shelter, and the abundance of readily available food and water will keep their minds off your absence.

Tim Taylor is an industrial engineer and entrepreneur with years of hands-on experience in the synthetic turf industry. As a member of the Synthetic Turf Council, he dedicates his time, energy, and resources to finding real solutions to real problems for synthetic turf products and installation processes.

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