What Is Turf Drainage & How Does It Work?

Artificial grass drainage systems are primarily designed to allow water to percolate through the backing of the turf and through the base layer into the water table. With the exception of artificial turf putting greens, the most common artificial grass backing is “hole-punch” or perforated. The other type of artificial grass backing is a 100% permeable, non-perforated backing that’s commonly used in pet applications or areas where maximum drainage is required.

If a synthetic turf product does not allow substances to quickly pass through the material and into the sub-base, bacteria can build up causing unpleasant odors. Ideal Turf’s 100% Permeable “Cascade Backing” drastically improves the drainage efficiency of synthetic turf. Specifically designed to maximize drainage, it’s the optimal drainage technology for fake grass for dogs & pets. Our proprietary, industry-leading “Cascade Backing” technology provides edge-to-edge drainage at a rate of 1,500 inches per hour. For added protection, our pet-safe artificial grass has antimicrobial agents built into the blades.

Below is an overview of the two drainage systems you’ll find on our turf products. First is our Cascade Backing System, its features, and the artificial grass products that are equipped with the Cascade Backing. Second is a look at Hole-Punch Backing, its features, and a list of the turf products that come with a Hole-Punch Backing.

Cascade Backing Artificial Turf Drainage System

Ideal Turf’s proprietary artificial grass drainage system known as “Cascade Backing System” is the turf industries fastest draining artificial turf backing.

  • 100% Permeable
  • Drains 1,500 in/hr
  • Edge-To-Edge Drainage
  • Antimicrobial Fibers
  • Perfect for Pets
  • 15 Year Product Warranty
Ideal Turfs Cascade Backing System

How the Cascade Backing Artificial Turf Drainage System Works

Check out this video to see our cascade backing artificial turf drainage technology in action!
100% Permeable
100% Permeable Backing

A fully permeable backing provides edge-to-edge drainage. Water & urine flow right through the turf.

Antimicrobial Fibers
Antimicrobial Fibers

Turf fibers infused with Microban antimicrobial technology prevent bacteria and odor buildup.

Safe for Dogs & Pets
Safe for Dogs & Pets

Superior drainage technology & antimicrobial fibers are combined to create a pet-safe turf solution.

Hole-Punch Artificial Turf Drainage

Below is an overview of Hole-Punch Backing, its features, and a list of the turf products that come with a Hole-Punch turf drainage system. We offer a wide range of high-quality synthetic turf products and also have the best installation crews to ensure a lush, long-lasting, natural-looking synthetic lawn.
Hole-Punch Drainage System

Hole-Punch Turf Drainage Systems

On turf products with this type of drainage system, the holes are spaced 4” – 6” apart. The areas in between the holes do not drain, which can pool water, leading to water backup and puddles.

  • Durable
  • Cost-Effective
  • Drains 50+ in/hr
  • Antimicrobial Fibers
  • 1 yr Installation Warranty
  • 15 yr Product Warranty

How The Hole-Punch Turf Drainage Works

Check out this video to see Hole-Punch Drainage System in action.
Installation Process

Why Choose Ideal Turf For Your Artificial Grass Installation?

We’re not just claiming to be the best. Ideal Turf truly is the best artificial grass company in Texas. Here are just a few of the reasons to choose us for your artificial grass installation.

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Superior Turf Drainage

Superior Drainage Technology

Our products are lab-tested to drain over 1500 inches/hour, while other products only claim to drain over 400 inches/hour.

Artificial Turf Installation Warranty

1-Year Installation Warranty

In addition to our product warranty, we offer a 1 year installation warranty on every installation that we complete.

Ideal Turf is fully covered by liability insurance

Fully Insured

Feel safe using us because we are insured with a $2 million general liability umbrella, as well as workman's compensation.

Artificial turf products are covered by a 15-Year Manufacturers Product Warranty

15-Year Product Warranty

Majority of our products offer a manufacturer's warranty up to 15 years and we are working diligently to make that 20 years.

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