Why We Design & Install Artificial Grass

Who we are as a complete artificial turf design and installation company is largely based around our ideals and family focus. We know that beautiful neighborhoods and communities are created around safe, clean, and well-maintained homes and yards. As the #1 artificial turf company in Texas, we’ve dedicated our efforts into designing, creating, and installing the best quality turf possible for our customer’s satisfaction.

Whether you have children, pets, want a nice putting green available at your leisure, or simply love an easy-to-maintain yard that stays looking beautiful year round, Ideal Turf is the one stop shop to complete yard satisfaction. We’ve even made the extra effort to ensure that our base, turf, and infill is environmentally friendly and exceeds all expectations.

With so many artificial turf options available…

Why choose Ideal Turf?

First off, we’re not a franchise, which means that you aren’t working with a cookie-cutter business that’s given specific answers and lines to speak. The professionals at Ideal Turf have been experts in the synthetic turf industry and we actually manufacture our own turf products. We have in depth knowledge into the market, installation, and process of implementing turf for residential and commercial properties.

At Ideal Turf, we never settle with what we have. We’re always looking for a better way to manufacture and produce the highest quality turf for increased durability, eco-friendliness, and that maintains its beauty. We’re also not locked into a specific manufacturer. Rather, we’re free to develop our own problem-solving products. This allows us to:

  • Saves precious water resources
  • Avoid using pesticides, chemicals or fertilizers
  • Make our synthetic turf with recycled materials
  • Be owned by an experienced entrepreneur dedicated to perfection.

We’ve dedicated a significant amount of time and energy into making Ideal Turf the most the most trusted name in artificial turf in Texas.


Rest Easy, We’re Insured

Throughout our years in business, we’ve learned that the installation process is just as important as the product.

It’s What’s Underneath That Matters

Rain and dog urine must be able to penetrate through the turf and into the earth. We’ve searched high and low for the best sub-base that not only drains well but has good WE COVER TEXAS compaction. To facilitate superior drainage, we have incorporated two things: spherical sand and the most permeable turf in the industry. With round sand that is (IN ARTIFICIAL TURF) manufactured right here in Texas and turf that drains 1,500 inches/hour, our turf’s drainage is the best in the industry.

Unparalleled Experience

Our installers have years of hands-on experience using the best practices in the industry. Unlike installers who only do turf installations occasionally, our crews install thousands of feet of artificial turf every week, making them highly skilled.

Some people believe that you have to sacrifice quality time– but not at Ideal Turf. Our installers do great work the first time because they know they’ll have to make repairs on their own time–and they hate to make repairs. They know it’s faster to simply do it right the first time. To give you additional comfort, we offer a one-year installation warranty. In the unlikely event of a workmanship-related problem, just give us a call! We’ll come running to make it right. Our reputation is important to us, so while we’re not perfect, we’ll glady take care of those rare problems if they happen.

“Commercial projects demand good insurance.”

In Texas, a contractor’s license is not required for our trade, but you can feel completely safe using Ideal Turf because we are insured with a $2 million general liability umbrella, as well as workman’s compensation.

We offer residential and commercial services all over the Lone Star State. With primary locations in Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston, and Austin, our crews are ready to be dispatched anywhere artificial turf is needed!

We love our business and we love to make people happy! We have great customers and our objective is to use artificial turf to solve any of their lawn-related problems. We understand that our customers are investing in us and our products when they choose to install an artificial lawn or putting green, so we work hard to make sure they get the very best!

At Ideal Turf We Put You & Your Family 1st

We’re all a part of families and deserved to be treated as family. That’s why at Ideal Turf we’ve committed ourselves to meet the needs of our customers as though they were our family. We do our very best to offer immediate person-to-person communication without waiting in phone lines as well as offering convenient scheduling for consultations and evaluations. Whether you’ve just started looking into artificial grass for your lawn or you have been debating for years, our team of experts at Ideal Turf are ready to answer your questions and provide the right residential or commercial solution to you.

The Ideal Turf Five Pillars

The “Green” Alternative

Environmentally-friendly, Ideal Turf grass conserves water plus eliminates the need for fertilizers and pesticides. Our turf is lead-free and completely safe for those you love.

Kid-Safe, Pet-Friendly

We love kids and Ideal Turf artificial can be designed to protect children from getting injured on outdoor play equipment. Our turf can also eliminate itching, sneezing and the stains associated with real grass. Love dogs? Our backing system is made with thousands of microscopic holes that is fully permeable and allows urine to flow through the backing in to the earth.

Ease of Maintenance

Ideal Turf artificial grass is resilient, resists matting, does not fade in the sun, and tough enough to handle heavy foot traffic. Our products are the most realistic products made, soft and natural yet extremely durable.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Ideal Turf stands by its installation and honors the warranties provided by the turf manufacturers. Our business is built on referrals and demand that customers are satisfied and brag about our service.

Experts in Installation

Ideal Turf has engineered its installation process so that each part of the process is integral to the quality of the whole installation. Extreme care has been taken to source the best base, turf, and infill so that each component works together to create the best engineered installation system. You won’t find another company more committed to exceeding your expectations.

Are You Ready To Have a Beautiful New Lawn?

Begin your journey to a new, beautiful lawn of artificial grass that has all the benefits without the difficult maintenance that comes with owning real grass. Our synthetic grass has the look, without the hassle. For a complete evaluation with an accurate synthetic turf installation pricing and cost breakdown, contact our main office and we’ll direct you to our nearest turf installation team in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, or Houston!