Keeping artificial grass clean and odor-free is a common concern among homeowners. Perfect for pet turf applications, our DUAL FLOW backing is specifically designed to maximize drainage.
Proprietary Turf Drainage System

Proprietary Artificial Turf Drainage System

Hybrid turf backing that is fully permeable and hole-punched every 4`` - 6``

Antimicrobial Fibers

With Microbe-Safe™ Antimicrobial Technology

The turf backing is infused with Microbe-Safe™ antimicrobial technology

Rain Water

Drains Water & Pet Urine at Industry Leading Rate

Hybrid drainage system drains water & pet urine at a rate of 2,000+ in/hr.

What is DUAL FLOW Turf Drainage?

This proprietary, hybrid backing system exclusive to Ideal Turf provides unmatched drainage capacity. Water and pet urine flow through our integrated hybrid backing at rates ten times higher than other turf backings. Your turf will provide 100% drainage with zero absorption!

The Microbe-Safe™ antimicrobial additives that are infused into the backing during the manufacturing process eliminate the need for deodorizers and ammonia absorbing additives. Because the backing itself is antimicrobial when pet urine passes through the fully permeable backing or one of the hole-punched drainage holes it inhibits the buildup of odors and bacteria.

Dual Flow-Hybrid Turf Drainage
Graphic showing how our Hybrid Dual Flow backing drains water

How Does a Hybrid Backing System Work?

Ideal Turf’s hybrid artificial grass drainage technology improves the drainage efficiency of synthetic turf by combining the 100% permeable and hole-punched backing. We call it our “DUAL FLOW” backing system and it drains water at an industry-leading 2,000+ inches per hour!

The holes punched in the turf’s backing allow solids to penetrate the turf better. This is particularly advantageous with pet turf because any solid waste that’s missed when you clean the turf will make its way to the drainage holes in the turf backing.

Graphic showing how our Hybrid Dual Flow backing drains water

DUAL FLOW vs. Hole-Punched Drainage

Most artificial grass products on the market have hole-punch backings, which means pet urine has to make its way to the turf’s drainage holes before passing through the turf. It is not uncommon for liquids, including urine, to rest in the areas between these drainage holes which results in a terrible odor. With an edge-to-edge drainage system, dog urine does not need to find a hole to drain; it just drains right through.

What Are The Benefits Of DUAL FLOW Turf Drainage?

Not sure why you should care about turf drainage systems? Below you’ll find the top benefits of our DUAL FLOW turf drainage system.
Extends Life of Turf Products

Extends Life of Turf

Our hybrid backing works to minimize the growth of potentially damaging microbes on your turf, reducing the risk of premature product degradation and extending the like of the turf.

FIghts Mold & Mildew Growth

Antimicrobial Backing

The turf backing is infused with Microbe-Safe™ antimicrobial additives during the manufacturing process. This protection won’t fade away over time like a spray-on agent would.

Keeps Turf Cleaner Between Cleanings

Keeps Turf Cleaner

Water and pet urine are able to pass right through the turf’s backing, through the sub-base, and into the ground beneath your turf installation keeping your turf cleaner, longer.

Reduced Risk of Cross-Contamination

Hybrid Drainage System

Fully permeable backing allows edge-to-edge drainage of liquids. Solid waste from pets that’s missed when cleaning the turf will make its way to the drainage holes in the turf backing.

Keeps Turf Fresh-Longer

Keeps Turf Fresher

The Microbe-Safe™ antimicrobial additive actively inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, ensuring your artificial grass installation stays cleaner and fresher for longer.


Fights Mold & Mildew Growth

Microbe-Safe™ antimicrobial protection will continue working to inhibit the growth of unsightly mold and mildew on your artificial turf product for years to come without fading over time.

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