Pet Turf — Artificial Grass for Dogs & Pets

Every pet owner has different needs and concerns. We work with you to determine exactly what you need and design your pet turf solution to fulfill that need. At Ideal Turf we consider everything that goes into creating the perfect dog run or pet area before we recommend a solution.
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Professionally Installed Pet Turf & Artificial Grass for Dogs!

Ideal Turf is proud to feature the best fake grass for dogs in the industry. We’ve been innovating, testing, and improving our pet & dog grass to ensure that our customers throughout Texas are always blown away with the aesthetics, durability, and performance of their pet-friendly turf installation! Get ready to stow away the lawnmower and say goodbye to the costly expenses of maintaining natural grass, and staring at unsightly brown spots from dog urine. Our artificial turf products look and feel like conventional grass while providing a durable, stain-resistant surface that discourages even the most persistent digger. A truly unique “Dual Flow” backing is knitted to allow for optimal drainage. You won’t have muddy spots or trapped odors, which leaves you with a clean dog, lawn, and home. Plus, Ideal Turf’s products have antimicrobial properties for a cleaner, safer, better smelling environment.

Pet-Friendly Turf for Dog Runs, Pet Areas, Backyards, & More!

Artificial grass for dogs requires no water and is virtually maintenance-free, saving you time and money. Synthetic grass is also one of the most environmentally friendly landscaping solutions available.

  • Mud-Free Playing Surface
  • Bug & Critter Free
  • Allergen Free
  • Fertilizer & Insecticide Free
  • No More Digging!
  • Low Maintenance
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Stays Green Year-Round
DUAL FLOW Backing System Components

Pet Turf Products Equipped With Superior Drainage Technology

All of our pet turf products feature our proprietary “DUAL FLOW” Backing System, a 100% permeable backing that’s also perforated to increase drainage capacity by over 1000%. With an edge-to-edge drainage system like our DUAL FLOW, pet urine can drain through any point in the turf.

Turf Drainage

How Our DUAL FLOW Backing System Works

The most important feature to consider before choosing artificial grass for dogs is drainage. Drainage efficiency is ultimately what:
  • Eliminates pet urine odors
  • Prevents mud & puddles
  • Keeps dogs & pets clean
  • Prevents buildup of bacteria
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Dual Flow VS. Hole-Punch Backing

Most turf products have hole-punch backings, which means pet urine has to make its way to drainage holes before passing through the turf. This causes liquids, including urine, to rest in the areas between drainage holes resulting in a terrible odor. On top of that, the infill that is used to weigh down the turf can make its way to the drainage holes and completely block them. This blockage is bad because it can create puddles of urine or water on top of your turf.

Dual Flow vs Hole-Punch Drainage

What are the Benefits of Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass for Dogs & Pets?

When choosing artificial grass for your yard, you have to be sure you are looking for turf that is designed especially for the wear and tear of life with dogs. Ideal Turf has plenty of features that set our artificial turf for dogs apart from the rest of the pack.
Safe for Pets & Kids

100% Safe for Pets & Kids

With faux dog turf, you no longer have to worry about kids or pets being exposed to the harmful chemicals that are required to grow and maintain natural grass lawns. As a bonus say goodbye to muddy foot/paw prints!

Antimicrobial Backing

Antimicrobial Backing

Our proprietary “Microbe-Safe™” antimicrobial technology helps prevent the buildup of odors & bacteria in your faux dog turf. It’s infused into the turf’s backing during manufacturing and will not wear off or fade over time.

Superior Drainage

Superior Drainage

Whether it’s rainwater or pet urine, our artificial turf's hybrid “DUAL FLOW” drainage system prevents flooding with edge-to-edge drainage, allowing rain water and pet urine to pass through the turf at an astonishing 2,000+ in/hr.

Natural Looking


The turf market is filled with pet turf products that all claim to be the ‘best.’ However, few will match the realistic, natural-looking, true-to-life beauty and high-quality of Ideal Turf’s hand-selected artificial turf products.



Lawn care involves mowing, watering, treating, and more. NOT with artificial grass. Our turf products require little to no maintenance once properly installed. An occasional wash with soap and water will do the trick.


Environmentally Friendly

Synthetic grass helps the environment by eliminating the need for fertilizer, pesticides, lawnmowers, and weed whackers. Conserve water and reduce your carbon footprint with an artificial pet turf installation.

Why Choose Ideal Turf To Install Artificial Grass For Dogs At Your Residential Or Commercial Property?

Ideal Turf's Recent Pet Turf Installations

Here in Texas, when it comes to pets there is no better solution than Ideal Turf. We install our pet turf solutions at both residential and commercial properties. Our Pet System is designed for pets of all shapes and sizes. Ideal Turf addresses all the needs of the pets and pet owners we serve. We consider everything that goes into making the perfect pet area or dog run before we recommend a solution.

Artificial Pet Turf
Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions that we hear regarding pet turf, artificial grass for dogs, faux grass for pets, and fake grass for dogs.

What’s the best artificial pet turf solution?

From our experience, the turf products that are best for dogs have two main properties: a short pile height and tightly woven fibers. Dogs, especially small dogs, tend to dislike the way the longer turf feels on their paws and when they are doing their business.


We usually recommend our turf products with a pile height of about 1.5 inches or shorter. In addition to the dogs being happy, we have found that their owners also want turf that looks great and is easy to clean. Our turf products with tightly woven fibers don’t allow for debris and pet waste to easily sink in between the blades, making it easy for messes to rest on top and be cleaned off with a hose.

Is the cost of artificial grass for dogs worth it?

Yes, it absolutely is!


Artificial grass makes it easier for you to have a dog and also have a lawn that you love! Over 80% of our customers have dogs and the number one reason why they want turf is because their lovable, furry friend is making it hard for real grass to grow. With a pet turf installation by Ideal Turf, you get the lawn you want, while giving your dog a clean and safe place to run, play, roll around, and yes, do their business. With artificial turf for dogs you’ll be able to keep your house clean and free of muddy paw prints whenever it rains.

How long does artificial grass for dogs take to install?

One of the best things about installing artificial grass for dogs is that it doesn’t take any longer than a normal installation!


While every installation time is different depending on size, amount of ground removal, amount of base, and amount of objects to work around (think trees), artificial grass for dogs doesn’t take any longer to install. The installation process and products are both specially designed for pet use, but our crews are experienced and prepared for every installation, so they know just what to do for pet-friendly installations.

Is artificial grass safe for pets and kids?

YES! Our artificial grass is 100% safe for both pets and kids!

Not only do our turf products promote superior drainage so that there is no standing liquid creating messes or unwanted odors, but our products are also antibacterial, which helps to eliminate germs. In addition, artificial turf means that there is less natural material for bugs and other pests to feast on, forcing them to find another place to call home. Artificial turf means less mess, less germs, and less bugs, which is great for pets, kids, and, well everyone!

How much does artificial grass for dogs cost?

The cost of artificial pet turf will vary from installation to installation. Cost is influenced and determined by the following:


– Square footage of the project area
– Type of pet turf product chosen
– Amount of base used (if more than the normal amount)
– Amount of edging used (if more than normal amount)
– Any special requests


For a ballpark estimate of how much your pet turf installation will cost, check out our artificial grass cost calculator.

Do you install artificial grass for more than pet areas?

Ideal Turf is the #1 Artificial Grass & Synthetic Turf Company in Texas.  We design and install artificial grass for both residential and commercial applications, such as:


Residential Applications
Backyard Putting Greens
Roof / Deck / Patio
Lawn & Landscape
Swimming Pool Areas
Commercial Applications
– Architects
– Pet Care Facilities [Vets, Shelters]
Builders & Contractors

How is the urine & waste handled?

Our artificial grass for dogs is equipped with the turf industry’s most efficient drainage system. We call it the “DUAL FLOW” drainage system. Each part of the drainage system allows for optimal flow, so liquids (like urine) can flow through the sand, backing, and base easily. Removing solid waste is the same as with natural grass lawns, only it tends to be easier with synthetic grass installed by Ideal Turf.

How do you clean synthetic grass?

Our customers are always amazed at how easy it is to clean synthetic grass. It only requires a:


– Hose
– Water-soluble cleaning products
– Few Minutes of Your Time

For solid waste, you simply pick it up, as usual, spray on any cleaners, and wash them off with your hose.

To clean dog and pet urine, you should spray the turf with a hose once a week. If you notice any odor buildup, you can spray the turf with a solution of equal parts water & vinegar. Then rinse it off with a hose.

How do you remove dog fur from artificial turf?

If your pups a shedder, removing dog fur from artificial pet turf is a simple and straightforward process.

— You’ll need a soft bristled push broom.

— Spray the synthetic pet turf with water

— Immediately after, grab your push broom

— Brush WITH the direction of the fibers

— DON’T use brush strokes

— Hold the push broom at waist level [against your belt]

— Start at one end & walk the broom to the opposite side

Will my dog think that it’s natural grass?

Dogs absolutely LOVE artificial grass lawns & landscapes! They can run, play, and roll around in artificial grass all day long, and not track a single muddy paw print into the house!

Will my dog try to dig a hole through the artificial grass?



Yes… Almost certainly!


Succeed? Not likely!


If your dog is already a digger, they are going to be persistent about it, but our pet turf was designed, manufactured, and rigorously tested to ensure durability and longevity. In these cases, we do recommend a different installation method when putting in the board around the perimeter to provide additional strength.

Does Ideal Turf install Pet Turf where I live in Texas?

Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, Ideal Turf has professional artificial turf and synthetic grass installation crews that serve customers throughout Texas and now in Oklahoma as well!

Texas Locations:

Artificial Grass in Austin, TX

Artificial Turf in Dallas, TX

Artificial Turf in Fort Worth, TX

Artificial Grass in Houston, TX

Artificial Turf in San Antonio, TX

Oklahoma Locations:

Oklahoma City, OK