Roof, Deck & Patio Turf — The Perfect Ground Cover for Outdoor Areas!

Maximize the outdoor living space at your home with artificial grass on your roof, deck, balcony, or patio. Keep reading to discover the many unique uses and benefits of artificial grass for homeowners!
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Artificial Grass Roofs, Decks & Patios — Professional Design & Installation

The last place anyone would think to put artificial turf would be the roof, right? What about turf on your deck or patio? Ideal Turf transforms these areas into beautiful outdoor living spaces that enhance your quality of life by creating more usable and functional spaces. Innovative solutions from Ideal Turf provide endless possibilities for using artificial grass in areas previously unimaginable.

When you allow Ideal Turf to install artificial grass on top of your Texas home, you are investing in a truly low-maintenance product. You will never need to stain, sand, paint, or weather-proof a wooden rooftop deck again. Artificial grass rooftops are a truly cost-effective and long-lasting solution compared to traditional wood or composite wood decking.

Increased Space
Maintenance Free

Residential Artificial Grass Roof, Deck & Patio Solutions

Transform your ordinary space into the perfect, lush, green personal oasis you’ve always wanted while still putting some green back in your wallet.

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  • Artificial Grass Decks
  • Patio Turf
  • Natural Looking
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What Are The Benefits Of Artificial Turf for Roofs, Decks & Patios?

Artificial grass for your Texas home’s rooftop, deck, or patio will enhance the aesthetic of your yard and provide a number of benefits, as well. Using our superior turf products we design and install your artificial grass to perfection. No detail is left out.

Artificial grass saves time

Saves Time

You don't need to spend Saturday mornings mowing your lawn. Spend it with the people who matter most in your life when you install artificial grass as lawn care won't be an issue anymore.

Artificial grass saves money

Saves Money

Are you frustrated with how much time and money you spend just to keep your lawn green? With artificial grass, you can hang on to your money. You’ll never have to buy expensive lawn care products again!

Artificial grass is easy to maintain

Low Maintenance

Lawn care involves mowing, watering, treating, and more. But not with artificial grass. Our products require little to no maintenance once properly installed. An occasional wash with soap and water will do the trick.

Safe for Dogs, Pets & Kids

Create a Pet Paradise

Add artificial grass to your rooftop, deck, patio, or balcony so your pup has a place to play and potty. Our pet turf keeps your pets clean and free from pests like fleas and ticks. No more muddy paw prints.

Increase Curb Appeal

Entertainment Value

Enjoy more leisure space by converting your unused areas into an exciting entertainment area for guests, a recreational area for pets and kids to play, or perhaps your own personal rooftop garden retreat.

Increase Property Value

Improve Curb Appeal

There are plenty of artificial turf products on the market. However, few can match the beauty and quality of our hand-picked turf products. Improve your home's curb appeal and enjoy a perfect lawn year-round.

Recent Artificial Grass Roof, Deck & Patio Installations

When you need artificial grass in Texas, let your first call be to Ideal Turf. We are professional, timely, and creative in our rooftop, deck & patio designs. Our skilled technicians are trained in the latest in modern technology when it comes to artificial grass installations, so you can be sure you will get lasting results.

Roof, Deck & Patio Turf
Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions that we hear regarding artificial grass for rooftops, decks & patios. If you have a question but don't see the answer below, please reach out and let us know.

Does Ideal Turf install roof, deck & patio turf where I live in Texas?

Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, Ideal Turf’s professional artificial turf installation crews serve in and around the following cities throughout Texas and we recently expanded to add Oklahoma as well.


– Artificial Grass in Austin, TX

– Artificial Turf in Dallas, TX

– Artificial Turf in Fort Worth, TX

– Artificial Grass in Houston, TX

– Artificial Turf in San Antonio, TX



– Artificial Turf in Oklahoma City, OK

Will my dog damage or destroy my artificial grass roof, deck or patio?

No. The brown spots or destroyed areas that you are accustomed to seeing with natural sod will not be the case with synthetic turf. Our heavy-duty pet turf will stand up to even the toughest pups.



Our industry-leading 100% permeable “Cascade Backing System” drains an incredible 1,500 inches per hour, so you will not have to worry about odors or mildew buildup from your pets’ daily routine.


You simply rinse off the area in question and enjoy a long-lasting, plush, green artificial grass lawn for years to come.

Why should I choose Ideal Turf to install artificial grass?

Ideal Turf is a locally owned and independent artificial grass company.

The synthetic grass products we use have been independently lab-tested and engineered to ensure that you recieve the highest quality, best performing artificial turf products in the industry.

Additionally, our artificial turf installation crews are the best around.

What turf products do you recommend for roof applications?

For roof, deck, patio, and other similar outdoor applications, we recommend the following artificial grass products:

– Aberdeen 84

– Brighton 104

– Coventry 94

– Meadow 90

– Preston 93

How long does it take to install artificial turf?

This depends on the size of the installation and how much preparation is necessary to get the area ready for installation. To get a more specific timeline, please Contact Us to Request a Free Quote!

Can artificial grass be installed indoors as well as outdoors?


Absolutely… Ideal Turf offers both indoor and outdoor artificial grass installation for residential and commercial applications.