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We're focused on delivering the highest quality artificial turf and synthetic grass products to our residential and commercial customers in and around Fort Worth, Texas.
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Residential Turf Solutions in Fort Worth, TX

Whether you are looking for a lush, natural-looking artificial grass lawn that your family will enjoy year-round or a backyard putting green, Ideal Turf is your Fort Worth residential turf solution.
Residential artificial turf in Fort Worth, TX
Commercial artificial grass in Fort Worth, TX

Commercial Turf Solutions in Fort Worth

If you own or manage a commercial property in Fort Worth, we can provide the perfect artificial grass landscape. That would mean low maintenance, no watering, and overall significant cost savings.
  • Architects
  • Property Managers
  • Pet Care Facilities
  • Pool Builders
  • Home Builders
  • Contractors

Why Choose Ideal Turf's Artificial Grass Products?

Ideal Turf isn't a franchise that uses a cookie-cutter system to promote and sell turf. We know that our turf products and installation processes are superior, because we don't stop researching, testing, and improving them.
Our Turf Products

No more fertilizer, pesticides, lawnmowers, or noisy weed whackers to deal with.


Conserve water and become the envy of your neighbors with a maintenance-free yard.


An artificial grass lawn will put an end to muddy paw prints being tracked through the house.


Our synthetic turf protects children from getting injured on outdoor play equipment.

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Why Ideal Turf's the #1 Synthetic Grass Installer in Fort Worth, Texas!

We're a turf company through & through. Our artificial turf installation crews bring decades of experience to every job, and it shows in the quality of our finished turf installations.
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What Your Neighbors Have To Say About
The #1 Artificial Turf Company in Fort Worth, Texas!

We are very proud of the artificial turf design and installation services we provide in and around Fort Worth, TX, and we stand by every artificial grass and synthetic turf product we carry. Read our Verified Reviews from Google, Facebook, and Yelp below to see for yourself how happy our Fort Worth customers are!

Katie Carlyle James
Katie Carlyle James
21:07 21 Mar 20
The crew were amazing and very professional and pleasant. We are so pleased with the outcome.
Bruce McGregor
Bruce McGregor
17:30 26 Feb 20
While my installation is brand new and I cant speak on longevity or durability - I can speak on the quality of the product we chose Jordan 76, the price and the excellent crew that came out to install our artificial turf. The product was exactly what we needed to accommodate our dogs. It was porous, plush, not too long making for reasonable cleaning, looked the most natural of the turfs I reviewed. I did look at other turfs through competitors and in the end went with Ideal as they met my needs both from what I was looking for as well as price. One thing I really liked is other companies wanted to charge me for extra turf I would end up with due to the width/length of the rolls - which IMO should not be my problem. The impact was the square footage increased by 50% to accommodate this issue which in turn cost much more. From an installation perspective the crew that came out went above and beyond to make my yard look beautiful, they understood what I wanted to accomplish and talked with me about how to best achieve my ideas. Overall I highly recommend Ideal Turf.
Holly Shepards
Holly Shepards
18:08 21 Oct 19
Moved into our new home with a pool and decided to have turf installed around the pool. Ideal Turf did a fantastic job! Our backyard looks amazing and we are so happy we have less maintenance.
Tony Minyon
Tony Minyon
00:06 24 Jul 19
Could not be happier with the whole process. Ideal Turf came by promptly for our small job with samples and recommendations. Their price was in the "ballpark", so due to their professionalism, we went with them. They did the work just a couple of days later, and we are very happy. Not only does it look wonderful, our Mastiff (the reason we got it) loves the fact that she no longer has to step in mud to go to the restroom. Great experience Ideal Turf!
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson
18:32 19 Jun 19
I have a small backyard with a pool and was getting tired of the maintenance to keep up with real grass, which mostly wasn't growing. I decided to check out synthetic grass. Ideal Turf has some of the friendliest people I have every worked with-- customer service is great and the installation is great! I recommend them to everyone looking into a synthetic grass solution for their yard.
Ray I.
Ray I.
10:31 16 May 19
My wife and I are totally happy with our new backyard. Francisco takes tremendous pride in his and his teams work. Price was very fair. Several turf options...
Matt L.
Matt L.
09:32 08 May 19
I'm the envy of all my fellow golfers and friends with a backyard!After multiple quotes, I chose Ideal Turf for the friendly, responsive, and honest...
Robert Solis
Robert Solis
15:46 29 Apr 19
Best thing I ever did. I can use my backyard again! The installation was perfect and the most professional contractors I have ever met. No more muddy pets!!
Rob Solis
Rob Solis
14:33 26 Apr 19
I was a contractor all my life and the installation, 100% cleanup, and professional work is unmatched
Dawn C.
Dawn C.
10:56 12 Mar 19
I couldn't be more pleased with my experience with this company. The communication was great - both prior to and during the install. And we all know how...
Iris Hill
Iris Hill
20:17 14 Feb 19
Francisco the team leader is so pleasant. He said he wanted to make me happy and he did. Even tipped the crew they did such a good job.
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Ideal Turf's Recent Artificial Turf Installations in Fort Worth

We custom design and install synthetic grass in and around Fort Worth, TX. We'll make your home or business stand out. Below are images from our recent artificial grass installations in Fort Worth.

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1. Why Install Artificial Grass in your Fort Worth Yard?

Artificial Grass Installation by Ideal Turf Fort Worth, the #1 artificial grass and synthetic turf installation company in Fort Worth. In fact, Fort Worth is also one of Ideal Turf’s busiest service areas.


Many Fort Worth homes and commercial establishments are already enjoying our industry-leading artificial grass lawns. They love the low maintenance aspect as well as the numerous benefits of artificial turf such as:


  • Eco-Friendly
  • Water Conservation
  • Low Maintenance
  • 100% Safe for Pets & Kids
  • A lush, green lawn year-round


Whether you are looking for a lush, natural looking artificial grass lawn that your family will enjoy year-round or a backyard putting green to improve your short-game, Ideal Turf is your synthetic grass solution.


If you own or manage a commercial property, we can provide the perfect artificial grass landscape. That would mean low maintenance, no watering, and overall significant cost savings.

2. What are the benefits of artificial turf in Fort Worth, TX?

The primary benefis of artificial grass for Fort Worth, TX homeowners are as follows:


  • 100% Safe for Kids
  • 100% Safe for Dogs & Pets
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Saves Water
  • Low Maintenance
  • Bug & Critter Free
  • Always Clean [No More Muddy Paw Prints]
  • Looks Like Natural Grass Lawn
  • Chemical & Pesticide Free

3. How does the Weather in Fort Worth, TX impact artificial Grass

The summers here in Fort Worth, Texas are hot and muggy, with temperatues reaching 100+°F. Our artificial grass products are built to withstand high temperature summers and to look great year-round, rain or shine. You’ll have a beautiful, lush, natural looking lawn, while conserving water!


For Fort Worth residents interested in discovering more ways to conserve water, check out “Save Dallas Water.”

4. Why should I care about "Drainage"?

With the inferior drainage systems used by our competitors, you’ll be left with either a:

  1. Flooded lawn or
  2. For pet owners the perpetual smell of dog urine.

That’s not the case with Ideal Turf’s products, which leverage an industry-leading drainage system “Cascade Backing,” allowing water to pass right through.

In fact, our turf drains 1,500 cubic inches of water per hour! No other artificial turf company comes close.

Our turf’s superior drainage is the result of years of research and testing.

5. How much does artificial grass installation cost?

This is one of the questions we hear most often, and the most difficult to answer.

There are dozens of factors that differ from customer to customer that influence the cost of an artificial turf installation.

The most influential factors in determining costs are:

  1. Square Footage of the area
  2. Turf Product

If you’d like a Free Quote from one of our artificial turf design and installation experts, contact us.


If you have any questions that were not answered here, please let us know. One of our artificial turf design and installation experts can help you find the best solution to suite your needs.

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Since 2013 Ideal Turf has specialized in one thing – the design and installation of the most advanced and realistic artificial grass & synthetic turf lawns in the industry.

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