Artificial Grass Benefits: Enjoy A Perfect Lawn Year-Round

Artificial Grass Benefits

It’s time for you to stop mowing, start living, and Love Your Lawn! 

Picture this with me.

It’s about 3 p.m., you finally put down the garden tools, the work is done.

You take a step back to admire your handiwork, you are hot and sweaty, the yard looks perfect.

You missed a lot today because of your yard though.

You had to tell your kids you couldn’t play ball, you had to skip a Saturday morning date with your partner, an old friend’s call went straight to voicemail. 

— OR —

It’s about 3 p.m., you are enjoying the late afternoon with an ice cold sweet-tea on your patio.

Your yard looks perfect.

You didn’t miss anything today because of your yard.

You were able to teach your kids a new kind of throw, you took your partner out for a quirky Saturday morning date, and you caught up with an old friend on the phone. 

How Artificial Grass Benefits Residential & Commercial Properties

Artificial grass is the puzzle piece you didn’t know your home was missing.

All those lost hours doing yard work will be a thing of the past as you now have more free time to spend with your family and friends.

Trying to keep awkward breezeways manicured will never stress you out on a Saturday again.

Muddy pets won’t come barrelling into your house on rainy days throwing mud all over your floors and furniture. 

Since artificial turf ALWAYS looks its best, you can focus on living your best.

The fibers will not fade in the sun and if for some reason they do you are covered by a 1-year installation and 15-year manufacturer warranty.

You really can have your cake and eat it too with artificial grass

Either way (with artificial grass or with natural grass) you will have a list of to-dos each week to make sure that it stays looking its best. 

But what exactly is on each list?

What Maintenance Is Required For Artificial Grass?

While it is less maintenance than natural grass, there is still some maintenance involved with artificial grass

Here is a list of things you will need to do:

  • Spray with water 1-2 times a week
  • Clean off debris (like leaves, pet waste, spills)
  • Fluff with a carpet rake (after heavy rain)
  • Sometimes, use a weed killer to prevent weed growth

How Will I Save Time With Artificial Grass?

While artificial grass isn’t completely maintenance free, the things you will need to do to maintain it will take less time than the things you would need to do if you had natural grass.

Here’s a list of things you won’t have to do when you have an artificial turf lawn

  • Spend hours mowing
  • Waste weekends weed eating
  • Buy extra attachments to trim bushes and edge sidewalks
  • Run to the gas station for 1 more gallon when you run out mid-mow
  • Pay someone else to maintain your lawn
  • Waste thousands of gallons of water just to keep it green
  • Use fertilizers or bug killers that seep into groundwater
  • Be embarrassed by pet urine spots
  • Clean muddy paws/feet
  • Buy new sod squares every Spring
  • Wonder why grass won’t grow in “that one spot”

Now, let’s explore the top artificial grass benefits for both residential and commercial properties.

Artificial Grass is Low-Maintenance

1. Artificial Grass Is Low Maintenance

Weekends are for relaxing, not mowing and weed eating. Which brings us to the first artificial grass benefit – Low Maintenance.

With your artificial lawn you can reclaim your weekends. 

No longer will you spend hours in the hot Texas sun breaking your back trying to create a picture perfect lawn. 

Instead you will spend those hours doing what YOU want! 

The average American spends 70 hours a year mowing their lawn

Add in the time spent weeding, fertilizing, and watering, and your lawn is practically a second job. 

With an artificial lawn you will watch your water bill plummet as you save money not watering your grass as often.

The EPA estimates 9 billion gallons of water are used on residential lawns a day, that’s an average of 27 gallons of water per person, per day.

Watering practices like that aren’t optimal for the environment or your wallet.

Your artificial turf lawn will require the occasional spray down to clear debris.

It will not require daily watering to look lush and green all year round. 

Artificial Grass is Pet-Friendly

2. Artificial Grass Is Pet-Friendly

Approximately 67% of Americans have a pet dog they love as a part of the family.

Absolutely 0% of dog owners love cleaning muddy paws after a rainstorm or seeing brown urine spots in their yard. 

Our fake grass for dogs, equipped with our industry-leading DUAL FLOW backing system, means you will never chase a muddy dog through the house again! (We can’t make any promises for wet dogs. You’re on your own with that one.)

The backing on our pet-safe artificial turf is fully permeable and hole-punched, meaning water drains through the entire backing as well as through pre-punched holes. 

This leaves your yard drier and mud-free so your four-legged friends can frolic without the mess.

Yes, savvy reader, the mud doesn’t disappear, it is under the turf but because of our time-tested turf base layering process, you will never have to see or deal with mud again! 

The unique permeability of the DUAL FLOW Backing artificial turf drainage system also makes our turf well adapted to draining all liquids, pet urine included.

With artificial turf you will never have to look at unsightly, dead spots from pet urine in your yard ever again.

The urine will drain just like water leaving no mess and no lingering smell.

In addition, our DUAL FLOW backing has our Microbe-Safe™ antimicrobial so you never have to worry about your turf turning into a petri dish from pet waste. 

Artificial Grass Looks Perfect Year-Round

3. Artificial Grass Looks Perfect Year-Round

No matter what curveballs Texas’s weather throws your grass will never fade, discolor, or die.

For 365 days a year, you will have a perfectly green, perfectly manicured, perfectly perfect lawn to complete your home. 

Bonus! Keeping your artificial turf yard clean is easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Clear solid debris off artificial turf by hand or with a leaf blower. 
  2. Spray your turf with the hose to wash off liquid debris.
  3. Use a grandi groom to brush your turf and keep the fibers from becoming matted. 

Say goodbye to pesky insects in your yard when you install artificial turf.

Your yard will lack dirt and other organic materials that bugs use to live and eat. 

So tell fire ants and other yard destroying bugs see ya later, and don’t come back again. 

Full disclosure, some bugs will still be able to live in your yard even if you have artificial turf.

Mosquitos breed in standing water so while your yard will drain any standing water in other areas can still give them a prime breeding ground. 

Fleas also will not be deterred by artificial turf. 

Weeds cannot grow as successfully in artificial turf lawns thanks in part to the integrated weed barrier we lay as a part of the base

It provides a layer of protection between the dirt and the rock base layer, inhibiting weed growth.

You may eventually have one or two industrious weeds poke through but they will not occur frequently enough to be considered anything besides a slight nuisance. 

Wrapping Up “Artificial Grass Benefits”

We stand behind our work and our turf, and our past customers back us up. 

In addition, we offer a 1-year installation warranty and our turf carries a 15-year manufacturers warranty.

Click here to see a gallery of past installations. 

Do you have more questions? We are always available to answer any and all questions you have about artificial turf!

Tim Taylor is an industrial engineer and entrepreneur with years of hands-on experience in the synthetic turf industry. As a member of the Synthetic Turf Council, he dedicates his time, energy, and resources to finding real solutions to real problems for synthetic turf products and installation processes.

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