How To Convince Your HOA To Let You Install Artificial Turf

Home Owners Associations (HOA) are familiar if you live in a condo or certain residential neighborhoods. Upon purchase of your property you sign an agreement with the HOA to pay dues in exchange for upkeep and repairs. You also agree to a set of rules you must follow to live in the neighborhood.  You may be wondering, especially if you have already looked into the benefits of artificial grass, if your HOA can govern your grass.  Will My HOA [...]

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New Artificial Grass Installation in 2020

The new year starts NOW! And there are so many New Years’ Resolutions for you to make. One of them could (and should!) be to improve the value and beauty of your home and property. If you are a homeowner, there is no greater feeling than improving the oasis that you call home. One of the best home improvement projects when considering the value-to-cost-ratio for 2020 is installing new artificial grass. Why Invest in an Artificial [...]

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5 Big Mistakes to Avoid With Your Artificial Lawn

Installing a new artificial lawn on your property can provide comfort, beauty, and excitement, but it is also a big decision and should be well thought out. Knowing that it will take hardly any of your time or effort for maintenance and it will stay looking perfect all year round are just two of the great reasons to install artificial grass. In fact, having such an incredible new outdoor space can improve your motivation to spend time outside and [...]

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Tips on Fundraising for an Outdoor Play Area

Fundraising for a new playground/artificial turf for your existing playground doesn't have to cause headaches! In this blog we give you fundraising ideas, practical tips, and advice on overcoming donor resistance. In no time at all you will raise the funds you need to install or upgrade your play space. Tips on Fundraising for an Outdoor Play Area Fundraising, a word that strikes fear into the hearts of leaders of non-profit organizations everywhere. It [...]

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Can Artificial Grass Increase Your Home’s Value?

Homeowners are switching to artificial grass for the many benefits including the low maintenance, last beauty, and of course increased home value. Wait, artificial grass increases home value more than natural grass? That's right. Homeowners are making the switch to artificial grass because of the long-term investment on their home. Let's look at why: Aesthetics: It's no wonder that the permanent beauty of a home with an artificial lawn stays looking beautiful and retains [...]

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Natural Grass vs Artificial Grass Around Your Pool

A pool is a large investment and as a homeowner you want it to be the beautiful centerpiece of your backyard. One of the biggest considerations you will face is whether to install natural grass or artificial grass around your pool. First, you will need to ask yourself these main questions: How much work are you willing to do to maintain your yard? How do you want your yard to look as the seasons change? Will artificial grass solve [...]

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