The Top 10 Best Artificial Turf Backyard Putting Green Installers in & Around San Antonio, TX

Best Putting Green Installers San Antonio TX

Considering artificial grass for your backyard putting green in San Antonio, TX? 

If you’re overwhelmed with trying to find a turf installer to create your backyard oasis, then you’ve come to the right place. 

We’ve been installing artificial turf and backyard putting greens throughout Texas for more than a decade, so we’ve pretty much seen it all. 

One thing that’s concerned us is the dramatic increase in the number of turf companies installing putting greens and claiming to be the “Best.” 

Stating something doesn’t make it true. 

That’s why we thought we’d put our years of experience to use and identify the best putting green installers in San Antonio, TX

We have included ourselves in our list, because we genuinely believe we’re one of the best putting green installers in Texas. 

The list below is in no particular order.

Ideal Turf San Antonio

Ideal Turf San Antonio

Ideal Turf San Antonio’s backyard putting greens provide golf enthusiasts with the opportunity to bring the game they love home. Our custom-designed outdoor and indoor golf greens are made from our hand-picked turf products that look and feel like natural grass. With Ideal Turf’s artificial grass backyard putting greens, you can finally say goodbye to waiting on other people every time you want to work on your short game. Our turf design and installation experts will work with you to build your dream putting green design!

Practicing your golf game is as simple as walking out into your own backyard. With Ideal Turf’s line of premium artificial turf and golf practice surfaces, this dream becomes a reality.

Every Ideal Turf San Antonio residential putting green is built to exact specifications, resulting in the most attractive, high-performance synthetic golf surfaces on the market today. Our synthetic grass systems look and react just like natural grass putting green, without the daily maintenance. Green speeds and contours are engineered to your preference for challenging practice and play.

Don’t take our word for it, check out one of our customers’ experiences documented step-by-step in: “Taking the Backyard Putting Green Plunge.”

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  • Services Offered: Residential, Lawn & Landscape Turf, Pet Turf, Backyard Putting Greens, Swimming Pool Surround Turf, Roof, Deck & Patio Turf, Play Area Turf, Commercial, Inlay Logos, Events & Trade Shows, Playgrounds, Apartment Complexes & Condos, Daycares, Pet Care Facilities
SYNLawn San Antonio

SYNLawn San Antonio 

Artificial grass, synthetic turf, and putting green installation from SYNLawn Central Texas. We feature ultra-realistic artificial grass, no maintenance, no watering, no fade, heat resistant, and no urine odor with our proprietary technology. Pet and kid-friendly with a lifetime warranty. Financing is available on approved credit. Made in the USA and guaranteed the best-looking artificial turf on the market. SYNLawn Central Texas provides precision installation services for San Antonio artificial grass and backyard golf greens. The perfect landscape solution for residential and commercial installations from lawns and putting greens to playgrounds, dog runs, and artificial living walls. Serving San Antonio, New Braunfels, and surrounding areas. 

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  • Services Offered: Commercial Lawns & Landscapes, Pet Grass, Playground Surfacing, Putting Greens, Miniature Golf Courses, Fitness & Agility Surfacing, Sports Turf, Apartment Complexes, Architects, Bocce Ball, Dog Parks, Schools, Residential Lawns & Landscaping, Pet Turf, Playground Turf, Backyard Golf Greens, Sport Surfacing, Rooftop Grass
Waterloo Turf

Waterloo Turf

Create your dream yard with Waterloo Turf. Born and raised in Texas, we bring local turf knowledge to every project site we step foot on. With several hundred artificial grass projects under our belt, we know how to maximize your space and capture your perfect yard. Using artificial turf is eco-friendly: you’re saving on water, over 22,000 gallons of water a year, you don’t have grass clippings to get rid of and you don’t have lawn equipment. Artificial grass is good for around your pool areas and for kid’s playgrounds.

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  • Services Offered: Residential Lawns, Commercial Landscapes, Front & Backyards, Pet Turf, Backyard Putting Greens, Kid’s Play Areas, Commercial Turf, Playgrounds
Southern Turf Co

Southern Turf Co.

Southern Turf Co.® Artificial Turf San Antonio specializes in the design and installation of synthetic grass applications. Whether indoor or outdoor, we are the experts in landscapes, pet applications, sports fields, indoor training facilities, putting greens, or any area where natural grass is difficult to grow or maintain in the San Antonio TX area. The knowledgeable staff at Southern Turf Co. can turn your project vision into a reality with beautiful, naturally green turf all year long. We provide a personalized creative landscape design for any landscape, terrain, or property. All our installations are completed by our dedicated and professional craftsmen with years of training and installation experience.”

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  • Services Offered: Residential Turf Installation, Lifestyle Turf, Sports Turf, Pet Turf, Balconies, Play Area Turf, Artificial Hedges, Backyard Putting Greens, Commercial Turf Installation, Athletic Sporting Fields, Business Complexes, Playgrounds & Schools, Shopping Centers, Commercial Landscaping, Special Events Rental
Forever Green Artificial Grass

Forever Green Artificial Grass, LLC

Without a doubt, golf is here to stay. An activity that has captured from the largest to the smallest of the house. That is why every day there are more people who join this growing demand in the construction of mini golf courses, whether in the personal or commercial field. At Forever Green we have design services, installation, and products with certified raw materials that guarantee that your mini golf course has the luxury and durability that you desire.

At Forever Green we are always willing to give you the best. Our products are developed for the golfer who wants to feel the real game in the palm of their hands. The speed and bounce will make any golfer feel like they are playing on a real golf course. You will be able to share this space with your family and friends for a long time and with a minimum maintenance cost.

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  • Services Offered: Artificial Turf Installation, Landscaping Design, Mini Golf Construction, Golf Greens, Backyard Putting Greens, Indoor Putting Greens, Dog Parks, Residential Lawns & Landscapes, Patios, Decks, Rooftops, Sports Courts, Artificial Living Walls & Balconies, Commercial Lawns & Landscapes, Fitness / Athletics Facilities, Playgrounds & Play Areas, Apartment Complexes
Magnolia Turf Co

Magnolia Turf Co.

Based in Dallas/Ft Worth, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and South Florida – Magnolia Turf® is comprised of a team knowledgeable of all things turf with the ability to supply, sell & install synthetic grass. We work to serve our clients, from residential & commercial to dog parks & playscapes, our business model is based around our clients. We demand every area of our company to the highest standards from the product to the final installation enabling us to ensure our client the best quality and service possible. Our synthetic grass offers you a product built on realism and durability, enhanced with the newest technology to ensure the quality of your turf appears as good as the day it was installed throughout the product’s lifetime. Make Texas green with Magnolia Turf Co.

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  • Services Offered: Residential, Commercial, Lawn Turf, Pet Turf, Pool Turf, Putting Greens, Playgrounds & Play Areas, Turf Strips
Celebrity Greens

Celebrity Greens

Golf Putting Greens, Playgrounds and Play Areas, Sports Fields, Pet Turf and all your synthetic turf needs. Just think: you’ll never have to water, fertilize or mow your lawn again! Our products come with a limited 8-year warranty, but the actual life expectancy is much longer, depending on use, even in our warm climate.

Synthetic Turf dramatically reduces the need for maintenance in your backyard and eliminates the need for water. It also eliminates the need for harmful chemicals that leach into the soil (fertilizers, pesticides, weed kill, etc.). No job is too big or small! Our turf is the most realistic and durable turf you’ll find anywhere. We specialize in unique, professional-grade putting greens, designed to make the most of your backyard or commercial space.

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Tour Greens South Texas

Tour Greens South Texas

Tour Greens South Texas offers design and planning services to our customers. Our staff will evaluate your space and work with you to create the backyard putting green of your dreams. With your input, we will provide recommendations to make sure that your new putting green meets all of your practice and aesthetic requirements.

Every Tour Greens installation is built to exact specifications producing the most attractive, high-performing practice surface available. Our revolutionary infilled synthetic grass system looks and reacts just like a real grass putting green but without the daily maintenance. Green speeds and contours are engineered to your preference for challenging practice and play. 

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Infinity Greens

Infinity Greens

We specialize in unique, professional-grade putting greens, designed to make the most of your backyard or commercial space. We install all sports surfaces, as well as certified playground surfaces, and we specialize in designing and installing the most advanced sand-filled, artificial grass putting greens available today. Our Artificial Putting Greens can be installed indoors and outdoors. We offer a portfolio of design features including sand traps, water hazards, custom lighting, and many other amenities to excite the game of golf.

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  • Services Offered: Artificial Grass for Sports, Pet Turf, Lawns & Landscaping, Padded Playground Installations, Athletic Fields, Commercial Applications, Interior Installations, Golf Courses, Putting Greens
The Top 10 Best Artificial Turf Backyard Putting Green Installers in & Around San Antonio, TX 1

Hill Horticulture

Hill Horticulture provides top-of-the-line putting green installation for your home or commercial business property. Regardless of size, Hill installs all putting greens using our exclusively available EasyTurf & Real Turf artificial grass. Using EasyTurf guarantees that your green stays lush, smooth, and vibrant from season to season and year to year. It’s durable, eco-friendly, and comes with unbeatable MaxxFlow technology to keep your putting landscape playable more often than greens built on natural grass.

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  • Services Offered: Residential, Putting Green Installation, Synthetic Turf, Hardscape & Landscape Installation, Tree Trimming, Irrigation Systems, Landscape Lighting, Lawn Maintenance, Commercial Golf & Putting Greens, EasyTurf Artificial Grass
Wrapping up the 10 Best Putting Green Installers in San Antonio TX

Wrapping Up Our List of the 10 Best Putting Green Installers in San Antonio, TX

The rapid growth of the artificial turf industry in recent years has led to an explosion of “installers.”

Their lack of experience and poor product selection usually won’t be discovered for a few years when your putting green starts falling apart.

We put together this list to help you decide on an artificial turf putting green installer that you can rely on to deliver long-lasting results.

Many homeowners in and around San Antonio, TX  are upping their short-game skills with an artificial turf backyard putting green

You can master your technique and elevate your short game, all without the hassle of heading to a course. 

If you’re interested in discussing a custom-designed artificial turf putting green for your home or business in San Antonio, TX, contact Ideal Turf

We provide FREE design and installation estimates.

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