12 Most Common Residential Artificial Turf Applications You Should Consider

Residential Artificial Turf Applications

You’ve likely seen sports fields with artificial grass, but did you know there are many residential applications for artificial turf too? 

You probably know that you have the benefits of a nearly maintenance-free lawn if it’s synthetic, but there are so many other options besides just putting fake grass in your yard. 

There are creative ways to install artificial turf in or around your home that you may never have thought of before. 

Artificial grass can go in places that natural grass never could—even on the wall! 

To give you an idea of what’s possible for your home, we’ve compiled a list of our 12 favorite residential artificial turf applications for you to consider for your home. 

Common Residential Turf Applications

Residential Artificial Turf Applications 

The popularity of artificial grass has grown astronomically in the past decade, largely due to the improvements in manufacturing technology. 

Those advancements have resulted in artificial turf products that are incredibly realistic and natural-looking, perfectly mimicking the real grass species of neighboring lawns. 

If when hearing “artificial grass” you immediately envision the plastic-looking, shiny astroturf of decades past, think again!

The low maintenance and water requirements have led homeowners throughout Texas and across the U.S. to give a serious look at fake grass vs. real grass

Savvy homeowners are weighing the cost of installation for fake grass against the long-term savings of time, money, and harmful environmental chemicals that artificial grass affords. 

Each day, more and more people choose to install residential artificial grass in their homes.

Due to its low-maintenance profile, artificial grass is incredibly flexible. 

It can be installed on nearly any flat surface. 

If you’re looking for inspiration on how you can use artificial grass at your house, check out the most common residential artificial turf applications. 

Artificial Turf Backyard Dog Run with chain-link fence

1. Dog Runs, Dog Potty Areas & Pet Turf 

This one is a favorite among pet lovers. 

Homeowners install pet-friendly artificial grass in dog runs, dog potty areas, or to create dog-friendly backyards for the furry members of the family. 

It gives dogs and other pets a place to roam and play while freeing their humans from worrying about any ruts, holes, or urine spots the animals might cause. 

It also makes cleaning up doggy-doo a breeze. 

Just pick up the solid waste from on top of the artificial grass, and spray down the liquid waste with the hose. 

Fake grass doesn’t require the harsh chemicals or fertilizers that natural grass does, so fake grass for dogs is often safer than the real thing.

To help you decide on the right artificial grass for your dog run or designated pet area, we put together a guide on how to choose the best artificial grass for dogs & pets.

Wooden children's play structure on artificial turf in backyard

2. Children’s Play Areas 

Fake grass isn’t just great for play areas for dogs—it’s great for kid-friendly landscaping

Parents often install artificial grass in children’s play areas and in backyard playgrounds because it improves playground safety

Artificial grass provides a smooth surface free of holes and uneven spots for kids to play on, reducing the risk of trips and falls. 

If it’s installed underneath a play structure, a pad can be added underneath the synthetic turf to provide additional cushion in case of a rough landing off the slide or monkey bars. 

Also, the same chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides that can harm your pets will also harm children, making artificial grass an ideal play area ground cover that is safe and non-toxic.

To help you decide on the right artificial grass for your backyard playground or children’s play area, we put together a guide on how to choose the best artificial grass for playgrounds & play areas.

Custom artificial turf backyard putting green with three holes next to pool

3. Backyard Putting Greens 

If you’re a golf fanatic, what could be better than your very own backyard putting green

Manicuring your lawn to be as picture-perfect as your favorite hole is time-consuming and difficult, so many backyard golfers opt for artificial grass in this setting. 

You can even use different varieties of synthetic turf to simulate the difference between the putting green and the rough. 

You can customize your putting green design to fit your yard and your golfing skill. (Just keep in mind that once you have a backyard putting green with artificial grass, your short game will improve very quickly!)

If you’re considering a home golf green, but aren’t sure where to begin we put together a buyer’s guide on how to choose the best putting green turf.

For those of you still on the fence about synthetic grass, you should check out our post about artificial turf vs. real grass putting greens.

Bocce balls at one end of an artificial turf bocce ball court in backyard

4. Backyard Sports Fields 

Artificial turf doesn’t have to be for the sports arena—you can enjoy it in your own backyard! 

Whether you’re a soccer buff or a fan of yard darts or bocce ball, artificial turf makes a great surface for outdoor sports. 

With a synthetic grass sports field, there are no dips or bumps to mess up your game, and you won’t have to repaint the lines each time you mow, since you won’t have to mow at all!

Artificial turf front yard lawn

5. Front Yard Lawns / Landscaping 

This is one of the most common applications for artificial grass, and the one where you’ll likely see the most benefit. 

No one wants to be the house on the block with the dumpy yard, but no one wants to spend their Saturday mowing, weeding, and edging the lawn either. 

With artificial grass, you can have your Saturdays to yourself and enjoy a lush, pristine lawn too! 

Once you’re selling your lawnmower, basking in the savings from a lower summer water bill, and admiring the most beautiful lawn on the block from your front window, all your neighbors will be asking you about how they can reap the benefits of artificial turf for their own yard.

To help you decide on the right artificial grass for your yard, we put together a guide on how to choose the best artificial grass for lawns & landscapes.

Residential backyard with artificial turf lawn surrounded by white picket fence

6. Backyard Lawns / Landscaping 

Homeowners install artificial grass backyard lawns for a myriad of reasons, but the biggest one is probably the savings of time and money they provide. 

With fake grass in your backyard, you’ll do a small fraction of the maintenance that you would for a natural grass lawn. 

This means you won’t spend the money on expensive lawn care equipment or the fuel to run it. 

You won’t have to pay to have your backyard aerated, weeded, fertilized, or treated for pests. 

Your water bill will be considerably lower, since the only water fake grass requires is the occasional spritz with the hose to remove dust, debris, or dog urine. 

Artificial turf does cost more than a natural grass lawn to install, but the long-term savings in money and time make fake grass the more economical choice. 

Walkway in residential lawn with artificial grass on either side

7. Paths & Walkways 

Alternating grass and pavers on paths and walkways creates a striking visual effect and can be a beautiful element of a landscape design. 

However, it’s hard to care for the small patches of grass between paving stones. 

Artificial grass is a great solution to the problem of how to enjoy the aesthetic of grass and stone pavers without worrying how you’ll maneuver your lawn mower over the area. 

Residential backyard patio area with artificial grass installed between pavers

8. Balconies, Decks, Patios & Outdoor Living Spaces 

Homeowners love artificial grass on balconies, decks, patios, and outdoor living spaces because of the lovely green aesthetic. 

It gives otherwise manmade elements a more natural, organic feel in places where real grass would be impossible to grow. 

It also provides some texture to the surface, making it nicer to walk on with less risk of slipping. 

Swimming pool in backyard surrounded by artificial turf

9. Pool Decks / Around Swimming Pools 

Artificial grass is a popular ground cover around swimming pools

Natural grass and chlorinated pool water don’t mix well, so fake grass allows you to maintain a continuous swath of green lawn all around the pool without worrying about what is splashing out of it. 

Synthetic grass is also a much more slip-resistant, cool surface for wet, bare feet to walk on when getting into or out of the pool. 

To help you decide on the right artificial grass for your pool deck and around swimming pools, we put together a guide on how to choose the best artificial grass for around swimming pools.

You might also find it helpful to check out our recent post on Top 9 Pool Area Turf Benefits: Why Install Artificial Grass Around Your Swimming Pool?

Residential property with hillside covered with artificial grass

10. Hillsides 

If your property has a steep incline, you know how difficult it can be to safely and effectively cut the grass on a hill. 

Many homeowners with sloping yards opt for artificial grass instead of natural grass. 

This has the dual benefits of controlling soil erosion and being much easier to maintain than traditional grass.

Golf ball sitting on an indoor artificial turf putting green

11. Indoor Putting Greens 

If you don’t fancy having the weather impacting your golf game, you can bring your putting green inside with a synthetic turf indoor putting green. 

An indoor putting green makes it easy to practice your short game, no matter what Mother Nature is doing outside. 

In addition to being a ton of fun and golfing whenever you like, having an indoor putting green can also boost your home’s value. (Not sure how to design a putting green for inside the house? Our team of design experts can help!)

Indoor living space with two black chairs on artificial grass floor covering

12. Home Office / Indoor Living Spaces 

More and more commercial offices are using artificial grass to add a pop of color and an organic feel to their interior spaces, and you can do the same in your home office. 

Use synthetic grass as a rug, floor covering, or even on the wall to make your home office feel less like a sterile cubicle and more of a natural, peaceful work space. 

12 Most Common Residential Artificial Turf Applications You Should Consider 1

Wrapping up the Most Common Residential Artificial Turf Applications 

These are the most common residential artificial turf applications, but this list is far from comprehensive. 

Artificial grass for homes is used for photo backdrops, stair coverings, table runners, gym flooring, and so much more! 

Since it can be installed on nearly any flat surface, the only limitation is your imagination! 

If you have an idea for a residential artificial turf installation, but you aren’t sure it will work, give one of our experts a call. 

They can walk you through the installation process, help you with the design, show you what to expect, and answer any artificial grass questions you may have. 

When you’re ready to learn more about an artificial grass installation, please contact Ideal Turf.

To get your FREE Artificial Grass Design & Installation Estimate by clicking the “GET YOUR FREE QUOTE” button or feel free to give us a call at 800-204-4650.

Tim Taylor is an industrial engineer and entrepreneur with years of hands-on experience in the synthetic turf industry. As a member of the Synthetic Turf Council, he dedicates his time, energy, and resources to finding real solutions to real problems for synthetic turf products and installation processes.

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