The 10 Best Dog Parks In & Around Austin, TX

Best Dog Parks Austin

There’s a reason dogs are considered man’s best friend. 

Dogs are sociable, loveable pets who make excellent companions to owners of all ages. 

And just like you might meet your best friends at the park to socialize and enjoy the outdoors, you can take your furry friend to the dog park to enjoy the same benefits. 

Austin, the 6th most dog-friendly city in the U.S. according to, is home to a number of great dog parks that will let you and your four-legged friend spend time together enjoying nature.

 If you’re ready to take man’s best friend for some off-leash fun at an Austin-area dog park, here are the best spots for that!

1. Red Bud Isle Dog Park Austin TX

1. Red Bud Isle

Enjoy a day by the lake with your pup and you’ll both have a blast. Dogs will love being able to roam and play in Lady Bird Lake, and you will be able to enjoy hiking, canoeing and more. 

  • 3401 Redbud Trail, Austin, TX 78746
  • Your four-legged friend will enjoy this lakefront dog park that offers 13 acres of off-leash fun. 
  • 5 am- 10 pm, 7 days a week
2. Onion Creek District Park Austin TX

2. Onion Creek District Park

Located in southeast Austin, this open park will enable you and your dog to spend time together splashing in the nearby pond and strolling through the wooded area around the park.

3. Auditorium Shores Off-Leash Area Austin TX

3. Auditorium Shores Off-Leash Area

Part of Town Lakes Metro Park, Auditorium Shores’ off-leash area is an open space for your pooch to run and play. Cool off in nearby Lady Bird Lake or spend some time walking the trails together. 

  • 920 W Riverside Dr, Austin, TX, US, 78701
  • Three acres of open space await you and your pooch. Word of warning- this park is located next to a busy street so you will want to keep your pup close at all times.
  • 5 am- 10 pm, 7 days a week
4. Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park Austin TX

4. Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park

With plenty of shade and picnic tables for relaxing, the Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park is a fun spot to bring your furry friend to run off some energy. Don’t forget a bowl of water to keep your pup hydrated!

5. Harris Ridge Dog Park Austin TX

5. Harris Ridge Dog Park

If you are looking for a dog park with agility equipment, look no further than this dog park in North Austin’s Pflugerville, TX. There are separate areas for small and large dogs so pups can play with friends their own size. 

  • 14401 Harris Ridge Blvd, Pflugerville, TX 78660
  • This fenced-in dog park will encourage your furry friend to expend some energy. The park closes during inclement weather or if the ground is too wet. 
  • 7 am- 9 pm, 7 days a week
6. Shoal Creek Greenbelt Dog Park Austin TX

6. Shoal Creek Greenbelt

You’ll find this off-leash area at the north end of Pease Park. You and your pup will enjoy roaming the area, taking in the sights and sounds of this Austin-area dog park. 

  • 2631 Shoal Creek Blvd, Austin, TX, US, 78705
  • Located on 30 acres of land inside the Shoal Creek Greenbelt, the designated off-leash area of this park is fun for dogs and their humans. Splash in nearby Shoal Creek or simply enjoy the Texas sunshine. 
  • 5 am- 10 pm, 7 days a week 
7. Zilker Metropolitan Park Austin TX

7. Zilker Metropolitan Park 

Go for a stroll, run or hike at this Austin park with your furry best friend. You and your pooch can explore the park and all of its offerings together. 

  • 2100 Barton Springs Rd., Austin, TX 78704
  • If your pup is leashed, they can join you on activities throughout the park, including the train on less-busy afternoons. The off-leash area is 45 acres of open space on the great lawn inside Zilker Metro Park. 
  • 5 am- 10 pm, 7 days a week 
8. Norwood Estate Dog Park Austin TX

8. Norwood Estate Dog Park

Enjoy mixing and mingling with other dogs and their owners at this central Austin dog park. Washing stations and water are readily available to keep your pup clean and hydrated after a fun day outdoors!

  • 1009 Edgecliff Terrace, Austin, TX 78704
  • Almost two acres of dog park await you and your pup at Norwood Park. There is a separate area for small dogs and an area where small and large breeds can play together. 
  • 5 am- 10 pm, 7 days a week
9. Cedar Bark Park Austin TX

9. Cedar Bark Park

Head to the north Austin suburbs for the day with your furry friend to enjoy this bark park and all its amenities. You can kick back and relax on a bench while your pup runs and plays. 

10. West Austin Park

10. West Austin Park

This neighborhood park is the perfect destination for a day of fun. The 3-acre park includes a pool, picnic, tennis courts, basketball courts and off-leash dog park. 

  • 1317 W 10th St, Austin, TX 78703
  • You and your pup will love socializing with all the dogs and humans that frequent this neighborhood park. Although only a small part of the park is designated as off-leash, there is still plenty of fun to be had! 
  • 8 am- 8 pm, 7 days a week
Wrapping Up the Best Dog Parks in & Around Austin TX

Wrapping Up the 10 Best Dog Parks in & Around Austin, TX

Austin, TX is a great area to be a dog owner. 

There are so many dog-friendly parks and areas that you’ll have a hard time figuring out which one you and your pup should explore first! 

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