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How Much Does An Artificial Grass Installation Cost?

Artificial grass is unlike most products that the typical consumer encounters day to day.

Due to the unique nature of turf products, the most frequently asked question is, “How much does turf cost?”

As with any home renovation project, the cost can vary significantly.

As a general rule, an Ideal Turf artificial grass installation costs between $8 and $18 per square foot.

This includes design, materials, and installation.

These costs however can vary significantly based on the size of the installation, features, and other site-specific factors.

In fact, there are a variety of different factors that can affect the overall price, which is why we encourage you to request a free estimate.

Artificial grass is generally priced per square foot.

So, the first thing that you are going to need in order to determine the overall price of artificial grass is to determine the square footage of your project.

Do not let the overall cost of the installation overwhelm you.

Remember, artificial grass, like any home improvement project, is an investment that will increase your home’s value and pay for itself over time.

Yes, the installation cost is higher than natural grass or sod, but artificial grass is worth the money and the savings are in the maintenance.

Artificial grass is a one-time investment into your home that pays for itself in only two to five years.

According to HomeAdvisor:

Artificial grass or turf installation costs most homeowners between $2,740 and $6,568, averaging about $4,613. The average cost per square foot to install turf ranges from $5 to $20. More expensive than the cost to lay sod ($0.90 to $2 per sq. ft.), it is more eco-friendly and requires less maintenance. The final price depends on a variety of factors, including the type of fake grass chosen, and the square footage of the space you’re covering.

Factors That Influence The Cost of Artificial Grass Include:

1. Type of Turf

If you have ever had flooring installed in your home you know first-hand the different heights, textures, colors, and feels that are offered. Similarly, artificial grass varies in these areas as well. While some artificial turfs are dark green, some are light. Other materials include tan fibers that give a more natural look and the height of the blades vary as well as their width. Additionally, like any product, the quality and function of the turf can impact the cost.

2. Project Size

The size and scope of the project will impact the price per square foot. If you ever shop in bulk at a warehouse store you know that when you buy more, you save more. The same is true for artificial grass. The larger the project, the smaller the price per square foot and vice versa.

3. Additional Features

Artificial turf can include add-on’s based on the customer’s needs. Types of additional costs can include the type of infill used on the turf, extra padding/backing for support, and even chemical sprays that help block odors. Not every customer will want or need these additions and thus, each price differs based on customer needs.

How Much Money Do I Save With Artificial Grass?

We’ve already answered the important question of, “How much does artificial grass cost?”, so let’s now focus on the flip side, “How much money will artificial grass help me save?”

Making the switch to artificial grass may seem expensive at first glance, but when you take into account the wide range of costs associated with keeping up a healthy natural lawn, you might be pleasantly surprised.

With the initial expenses and annual maintenance, a 2,500 square foot natural grass lawn will cost a total of $39,475 after 15 years.

Because turf maintenance is practically non-existent, a 2,500 square foot artificial grass lawn will only need the infill replenished and a power-brushing for annual maintenance.

Depending on the size of your turf installation, it will pay for itself in three to five years.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing Artificial Grass?

For homeowners and businesses throughout Texas, installing artificial grass at their property is the best investment they make. Below are just a few of the countless benefits of installing artificial grass.
Artificial grass saves time

Saves Time

Instead of wasting your time mowing and maintaining your lawn, spend time with your family and friends. Replacing your natural grass with synthetic grass gives you the opportunity to use your time however you want.

Save Your Money

Saves Money

Maintaining a natural grass lawn in the Texas heat costs a lot of money. Ideal Turf's artificial grass products allow you to save money otherwise wasted on mowing, fertilizing, watering, and maintaining a real grass lawn.

Artificial grass is easy to maintain

Easy to Maintain

Maintaining a natural grass lawn requires time, money, and patience. Switch from natural grass to artificial grass and all that’s required is a stiff-bristled broom, water, soap, and a few minutes of your time each month.

Artificial grass is safe for pets & kids

Kid & Pet-Safe

With synthetic grass, you don't have to worry about kids and pets being exposed to the harmful chemicals used on natural grass. Antimicrobial technology is built into the turf and will never wear off or fade away.

Environmental Benefits

Environmentally Friendly

Do your part to help our planet! Fight global warming and increasing water scarcity by making the switch to artificial grass. You will lessen your overall carbon footprint and decrease your water usage with artificial turf.

Synthetic grass looks like natural grass

Natural Looking

It's impossible to keep natural grass green throughout the hottest months in Texas. Not with our artificial grass! Regardless of the temperature and the amount of rain, this grass always looks natural, green, and full.

Why Choose Ideal Turf To Install Artificial Grass At Your Texas Home Or Business?

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