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If your company is looking to stand out from the crowd, consider rendering your logo in Ideal Turf artificial grass. The versatility of fake grass can give your façade or entire building greater visibility, stronger branding, and a unique look that will certainly draw interest.
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Artificial Turf Inlay Logos By Ideal Turf

Pre-Fabricated artificial turf inlay logos from Ideal Turf will “set off” any turf installation. From high-end fashionable landscape designs to the sport’s logo of your school’s mascot, our turf inlay logos are ready for anything. Using precise CNC water jets allow for high levels of intricately cut detail for even the most sophisticated logo.

Upgrade your landscaping to an attractive, memorable, and innovative landscape with our turf inlay logos. Using a state of the art water jet to precisely cut our synthetic turf, we’re able to ensure your logos and images look crisp and perfect. We offer a variety of colors and can create and install a logo on your synthetic turf that matches your company logo.

Commercial Turf
Brand Awareness
Artificial grass is easy to maintain
Maintenance Free
Safe for Dogs, Pets & Kids
Artificial turf products are covered by a 15-Year Manufacturers Product Warranty
Artificial grass saves time

Turf Logo Applications

A custom landscape design will boost curb appeal and draw in new business. Our artificial turf logo installations create a unique and interesting focal point for any commercial property or business. There is no space too large or small for artificial grass installation. Consider the following applications:

  • Sports Fields
  • Gyms / Workout Areas
  • Common Areas
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Event Areas
  • Activity / Game Areas
  • Schools / Day Care Facilities
  • Commercial Buildings
Houston Texas Football Field Turf Logo

What are the Benefits of Artificial Turf Logos?

If you’re on the fence about artificial turf inlay logos, not to worry. Below we’ve outlined a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy by having a custom turf logo installed at your school, business, or commercial property!
Artificial Turf Installation Warranty

Fully Customizable

Artificial turf inlay logos are fully customizable, down to the smallest details. Whether your logo is simple or complex, the state of the art CNC waterjet that we use delivers precision cuts, which means that just about any design is possible.

Reduce Water Bill

Programmable Waterjet

A CNC computer programmable waterjet is able to make just about any artificial turf logo design possible. It is the fastest growing precision machine process that is environmentally friendly with great efficiency and productivity.

Artificial grass is easy to maintain

Easy to Maintain

Maintaining a natural grass lawn requires a lot of care, resources, and time. When you make the switch from natural grass to artificial grass, all that’s required to maintain it is a stiff-bristled broom, water, soap, and a few minutes of your time each month.

Commercial Property

Brand Awareness

An artificial turf inlay logo will help to promote your brand, helping it stand out as a professional and legitimate place of business. An Artificial turf logo will enhance your organization’s brand awareness and increase name recognition.


Environmentally Friendly

Synthetic grass helps the environment by eliminating the need for fertilizer, pesticides, lawnmowers, and weed whackers. Conserve water and reduce your carbon footprint with a custom artificial turf inlay logo installation from Ideal Turf.

Higher Price Turf


Ideal Turf can install artificial turf inlay logos for schools, sports teams, event centers, corporate offices & more! Give your façade or entire building greater visibility, stronger branding, and a distinctive look that will certainly draw interest.

Why Choose Ideal Turf To Install An Artificial Turf Inlay Logo At Your School, Business, Or Property?

Recent Artificial Turf Logo Installations

When you need artificial grass installed at your school, commercial property, or business in Texas or Oklahoma, let your first call be to Ideal Turf. We are professional, timely, and creative in our commercial turf solutions. Our skilled technicians are trained in the latest in modern technology when it comes to artificial grass installations, so you can be sure you will get lasting results.

Artificial Turf Logos
Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions that we hear regarding artificial turf inlay logos. If you have a question but don't see the answer below, please reach out and let us know.

Does Ideal Turf do Turf Logo Installations Where I live in Texas?

Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, Ideal Turf has professional artificial turf and synthetic grass installation crews that serve customers at locations throughout Texas and now in Oklahoma as well!


Texas Locations:

Austin, TX

Dallas, TX

Fort Worth, TX

Houston, TX

Lubbock, TX

– San Antonio, TX


Oklahoma Locations:

– Oklahoma City, OK

Tulsa, OK

How do you Cut the Artificial Turf Logos?

Using a state of the art Water Jet to precisely cut our synthetic turf, we’re able to ensure your logos and images look crisp and perfect.

What is a “Waterjet”?

Waterjet technology is basically the flow of water to the pump, which then reaches pressures up to 100,000 psi. It then travels through high-pressure tubing and out to the cutting head.

Pure waterjet cutting is used for applications that take into consideration the speed of the waterjet cutting, reliability, and minimal residual moisture. The residual moisture residue is very low because of the very small stream of water that is used to cut the material.

Will Dogs Damage Artificial Turf Logo?

No. The brown dog urine spots or destroyed areas that you are accustomed to seeing with natural grass lawn will not be the case with synthetic turf. Our heavy-duty pet turf will stand up to even the toughest pups.


Our hybrid “DUAL FLOW” backing system drains an incredible 1,548+ inches per hour, so you don’t have to worry about odors or mildew buildup from multiple pets’ daily routines.


You simply rinse off the area in question and enjoy a long-lasting, lush, green artificial grass lawn for years to come.

Why Should I Choose Ideal Turf to Install my Turf Logo?

Ideal Turf is a locally owned and independent artificial grass company.

The synthetic grass products we use have been independently lab-tested and engineered to ensure that you receive the highest quality, best performing artificial turf products in the industry.

Additionally, our artificial turf installation crews are the best around.

What Turf Products do you Recommend for Logos?

Ideal Turf’s product lineup provides the perfect solution for high traffic settings and other challenges that commercial properties face.

Kingston 76

Coventry 94

How Much Does an Artificial Turf Logo Cost?

The cost of artificial turf depends largely on the size of the installation, type of turf being installed, the amount of prep work required, etc. On average, for a 1,000 square foot installation, you can expect to pay around $6.00 – $12.00 per square foot. That said, every logo is different, so the best way to gauge the cost is to Contact Us for a Free Quote from one of our turf design and installation experts.


If you know the size of your lawn and would like to know what it might cost, you can use our artificial grass cost calculator.

How Long Does it Take to Install an Artificial Turf Logo?

This depends on the size of the installation and how much preparation is necessary to get the area ready for installation. To get a more specific timeline, please Contact Us to Request a Free Quote!

Can Artificial Turf Logos be Installed Indoors as Well?


Absolutely… Ideal Turf offers both indoor and outdoor artificial grass installation for commercial and residential applications.