Improve Playground Safety: Kid-Safe Artificial Turf Play Areas

Improve Playground Safety

Nothing is more exciting when you are a kid (or who are we kidding even as adults) than an afternoon on the playground with your friends. 

A key component of making a play area kid-safe and fun for everyone is the surface or playground ground cover material

Traditional playgrounds typically have natural grass, loose gravel, wood chips, or sand as a ground cover which can lead to injury. 

However, as technology has advanced in artificial turf, experts looking to improve playground safety turn to artificial grass as the best ground cover for kid-friendly landscaping that remains lush all year round. 

Artificial turf offers a range of unique benefits that help to improve playground safety.

Playground with artificial turf before and after

Safe Playground & Play Area Ground Cover

Both kids and adults fall. 

It is an inevitable part of life that at some point in our human existence we will take a tumble. 

Falling from playground equipment though can cause significant injury as equipment can reach up to 15 feet or more in height. 

A soft ground is then essential to providing safety for kids. 

Ensuring children’s safety is critical when planning a play space. 

According to the National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS), nearly 70 percent of all playground injuries are due to falls. 

If kids are more prone to falls and injury on the playground, it becomes essential to plan and prepare for potential falls. 

Though playground equipment is tested for safety the reality is no equipment can fully account for human behavior, especially children’s behavior making planning for falls critical to improving playground safety!

This poses the question then…

Safe play area ground cover

Is Artificial Turf Safer Than Natural Grass for Playgrounds?

In short, Yes!

Replacing natural grass with artificial turf will improve playground safety in a number of ways.

For a head-to-head comparison, check out our post: Fake Grass vs. Real Grass

Not only does artificial turf increase safety from accidents, but it has additional safety features when compared to natural grass. 

You may have heard that artificial turf is bad for the environment or that it is too hot for outdoor play. 

These are common misconceptions

In fact, artificial turf has seen vast improvements in technology over the years making it safer than ever. 

For instance, artificial turf does not contain lead which is a major concern for many parents. 

Additionally, turf reduces your carbon footprint and is better for the environment as it is non-toxic and uses less water than natural grass. 

Finally, natural grass requires significant investments of both time and money to maintain and requires additional steps to prevent bugs and other pests.

How does artificial turf improve playground safety?

How Does Artificial Turf Improve Playground Safety?

When most people think about artificial turf, they think of professional sports such as football and soccer fields. 

While professional sports teams around the world have used synthetic turf for decades, the advancements in manufacturing and synthetic grass technology have made it one of the leading kid-safe ground cover materials for both residential and commercial properties

Artificial turf improves playground safety in a variety of manners.

Child falling from playground equipment

Reduce Injuries from Falls

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ATSM) sets standards for playground safety as well as a host of other materials/products. 

Artificial turf on playgrounds can meet and exceed these strict standards. 

Without giving up the look of natural grass, artificial turf offers a cushioning spring to help absorb shocks and minimize the severity of fall injuries.

Muddy footprints being tracked across white carpet

Cleaner Environment to Play

Ever had kids (or adults) run through your house with muddy feet? 

Or spent a Sunday afternoon trying to remove grass stains from clothes?  

Another benefit to artificial grass is that it offers a cleaner environment for play. 

Turf eliminates mud and puddles when it rains as well as lose dirt and dust when the Texas sun bakes the soil dry.

Young girl blowing her nose into a tissue

Allergen Free

Does pollen season leave you or your loved ones in tears? 

Allergens like pollen are often increased in natural grass yard environments leaving your outdoor space primed for runny, sneezy, and itchy eyes/noises. 

Artificial turf however can reduce allergens that get produced by natural grass areas making it a safe space for allergy-prone kids and adults alike.

Artificial turf is chemical free

Chemical Free

Ever read the ingredients on the back of a chemical bottle? 

Words that are hard to pronounce and even harder to understand their potential impact on an individual’s health can be concerning. 

Often, fertilizers and pesticides used to maintain natural grass landscapes are riddled with chemicals but with artificial turf, you can be sure that your play space is chemical-free and safe for your kids to enjoy. 

Antimicrobial vs Non-Antimicrobial Artificial Turf


The term antimicrobial has gained attention in recent years as people become more aware of the importance of products that combat, kill, and prevent bacteria. 

The backing on our turf products is infused with Microbe-Safe™ antimicrobial protection technology to help prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria.

This makes it a safe play space for kids and leaves parents/caretakers worry-free.

Hand holding a hose and spraying artificial turf with water

Low Maintenance

Your Saturday schedule just opened up! 

Get time in your day back with artificial turf by reducing the amount of time spent on lawn maintenance. 

While artificial turf still requires care, the time spent maintaining your artificial turf is significantly less than the time required with natural grass. 

Less time mowing, weed-eating, edging, and watering means more time spent doing what you love! 

For more information on how to maintain your synthetic grass yard check out our detailed guide on artificial turf maintenance & cleaning.

Final Thoughts on How To Improve Playground Safety

Final Thoughts on How to Improve Playground Safety

Accidents happen. 

Falls on a playground are inevitable. 

However, planning for these incidents ahead of time can reduce potential injuries and improve playground safety. 

Artificial turf has several benefits to add to any playground space with regard to health and safety. 

If you are ready to get started, we recommend you explore our website a bit.

There are a lot of specifics to understand about artificial grass, and the first step to creating a flawless, safe children’s play area is to educate yourself on the many features and options available.

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