Keep Your House Clean By Installing Artificial Turf for Dogs


Anyone with a natural sod lawn knows that grass is responsible for a lot of mess around the house. Mud on your floors, grass on your carpet, wet paws on your bedspread…we all know the drill. Well, when you decide to install artificial turf for dogs you’ll quickly realize how much cleaner your home can be. Artificial turf is not only optimal for homes and yards that experience heavy foot traffic; it’s also especially great for homes with pets. Artificial turf is the perfect option for a home that is full of pets because you’ll immediately see a decrease in dirt and mud when they come back in from playing or doing their business in the yard. Artificial turf works for you by making sure that your yard doesn’t end up inside your house creating one more thing for you to clean up.

When you install artificial turf for dogs, you’ll be keeping your house cleaner, yet still giving your pets a plush yard to play in! They’ll still get to enjoy the great outdoors, but you’ll get to sit back and relax instead of having to clean and spend money on products to help you do so.

Here are some reasons why your house will stay cleaner once you install artificial turf for dogs!

Less Mud

In order to keep a healthy and plush natural lawn, rain is essential. However, sometimes rain can result in mud puddles and standing water that your pets have a way of finding as soon as their paws hit the grass. Muddy paws mean more mud and dirt being tracked through your carpets and floors. This will not be the case when you install artificial turf because turf thrives using minimal water. Optimal drainage makes standing water a non-issue and the layers of turf are not dirt based, so mud is never a problem. Less mud makes less messy baths and makes room for a cleaner dog and cleaner house!

Less Pollen

Pollen is thick and yellow and like most things during pollen season, dogs can get covered by that yellow dust and then track it in your house. Artificial turf is unique because it does not pollinate like grass and true artificial turf is hypoallergenic. When you install artificial turf, you’ll be reducing the amount of pollen on your lawn and you will also be reducing the amount of that yellow dust that you see on your pets once they come inside.

No Dirt = No Digging

Dogs love a long day of playing in a yard and they love digging holes. As much as they love it, homeowners hate it. Digging holes attribute to a good amount of yard debris that ends up showing up on your kitchen floors and living room carpets. Less holes mean less water puddling in your lawn. This will help keep your dog from going out and rolling in the mud because their won’t be any! With less digging, there are less dirty paws to track through your house, therefore, keeping your house fresh.

No Upset Stomachs

Believe it or not, dogs might love to dig in grass, but they also love to eat grass. Sometimes they can eat so much of it that it can make them sick. Grass sickness can result in messy findings on your living room or bedroom floor. You can rest assured that when you install artificial turf that your dogs will not try or be able to eat the blades.

No More Wet Grass

If you’ve ever mowed your lawn before or after a storm, you know that wet grass clippings are no fun to pick up. They’re dirty and sticky and you end up finding grass all over the place for days. When you walk your pets on your lawn when the grass is wet, you’re walking directly into a mess. Wet grass will stick to paws and fur. Artificial turf is great because it never requires mowing and therefore wet grass clippings will never be an issue. Luckily, even if you do encounter a storm, turf has optimal draining, so rainwater is quickly diminished from the synthetic foundation.

Installing artificial turf for dogs is just a smart decision. If you are tired of constantly cleaning up your house, then look into installing artificial grass today!

Tim Taylor is an industrial engineer and entrepreneur with years of hands-on experience in the synthetic turf industry. As a member of the Synthetic Turf Council, he dedicates his time, energy, and resources to finding real solutions to real problems for synthetic turf products and installation processes.

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