The Top 3 Things That Can Damage Your Artificial Turf

The Top 3 Things That Can Damage Your Artificial Turf 1

Artificial turf is a big investment and you need to know what things you should be watching out for when it comes to keeping it safe.

The top 3 most common reasons that turf is damaged are:

  • Extreme heat (175 degrees Fahrenheit or higher)
  • Sharp Objects
  • Chemicals



While our summers certainly tip the thermometer from uncomfortable to downright HOT, the sun by itself won’t get hot enough to melt your artificial turf. Artificial turf has a melting point of approximately 175 degrees Fahrenheit. The most common ways turf melts is due to grills, smokers, or fire pits being placed directly on the turf or even double paned windows reflecting light onto a small point of turf. 

Luckily, these are easy to manage scenarios. 

In general, whether your grass is artificial or natural, placing a grill, smoker or fire pit directly onto your grass is not a wise idea. Grills and smokers have metal bases that can become super-heated even when not in use if the sun is shining directly onto them. Fire pits can throw sparks that can cause your artificial grass to melt or even cause greater damage. To counteract this issue install a stone surface for your grill or fire pit to reside. This not only makes your yard look more polished but it protects your artificial turf investment! 

Double paned windows are an unlikely culprit but an unfortunately placed one could reflect the sun onto your turf much like a magnifying glass on an anthill. If you find you have an area that gets too much sun for comfort try installing an awning, planting a bush or tree to lower the ambient temperature of that space, or even incorporating other ground covers, such as stepping stones or decorative rocks, into the design of your turf landscape.


Sharp Objects

While your lawn won’t tear like tissue paper, it isn’t completely indestructible. Common gardening tools like hedge trimmers or outdoor game accessories like volleyball poles can damage your artificial turf. An important thing to remember about artificial turf is that it is like carpet– it can be cut to fit your space and modified later to add more plants or trees. This makes it more vulnerable to sharp objects because it is made to easily be cut for installations and future modifications.

Any object with a sharp edge could potentially damage the mesh backing of your artificial turf and cause it to tear. Be sure to pick up gardening tools that are especially sharp and consider installing concrete bases for sports accessories or using weighted options instead. 



As we mention in our maintenance guide, spills, pet waste, and other debris can be cleaned easily with water and water-based cleaners, but you should never use acetone or petroleum-based cleaning products on your artificial turf.

The most common culprit for chemical damage is paint and paint thinners. Paint or thinners can drop into your turf and soak deep making removal very difficult. This can damage your lawn and removal can prove exceptionally difficult. 

If you do accidentally drop paint on your turf, don’t despair! Immediately clean it with water to minimize damage and staining. Always remember to use water-soluble products when cleaning your turf and removing stains.


Tim Taylor is an industrial engineer and entrepreneur with years of hands-on experience in the synthetic turf industry. As a member of the Synthetic Turf Council, he dedicates his time, energy, and resources to finding real solutions to real problems for synthetic turf products and installation processes.

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