Quick and Easy Tips to Perfect Your Yard for Holiday Parties

Perfect Yard for Holiday Parties

Your home isn’t the only thing you need to prepare and ready before a big holiday gathering.

Your yard needs to be looked after, too.

After all, it is what your guests see when they first arrive at your home — your lawn makes just as big of an impression as what they see when they enter your front door.

There are several things you can do to keep your yard presentable during the holidays, even in the event of unpleasant weather, and throughout the year.

Below we’ll outline a few quick and easy tips to perfect your yard for holiday parties.

Give a Final Mow and Trim

Mow and trim your lawn one last time — but don’t do so minutes before your guests arrive, do it about two or three days before the date of the party.

Doing so gives the grass time to recover so mow lines are less obvious, and your grass looks perfectly natural.

If needed, use a mulcher or bag on your lawn mower so you don’t have to spend hours raking and removing grass clippings.

Keeping the lawn trimmed makes your home appear well kept.

If you don’t like the constant maintenance and upkeep required by a natural grass lawn, you should consider installing artificial grass.

Artificial grass is an extremely versatile ground cover that’s low-maintenance, long-lasting, and 100% safe for both children and pets.

Quick and Easy Tips to Perfect Your Yard for Holiday Parties 1

Clear Away Debris

Walk around the corners, edges, and major areas of your lawn and pick up any debris — twigs, branches, leaves, or other odds and ends — that may be laying around.

Rake up any dead grass or leaves that have blown against the fence or sides of the home.

Go over landscaped areas carefully, making sure to remove any dead leaves or other items that may have accumulated over time.

Make Last-Minute Repairs

Part of what makes a home look rundown is the odd broken or nonfunctional items littered throughout the home and outdoor areas.

Do a quick check for things that need repairing or fixing; replace light bulbs that have burned out, and look over fences and patio furnishings.

Making minor repairs not only improves the way your property looks, but it also helps prevent injuries.

A loose nail or broken chair can result in a costly and painful guest injury.

Decorate the Deck and Other Areas

Take the time to decorate the patio, deck or porch.

It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate.

The main idea is to add a little color or something that represents the holidays.

Bows or wreaths hanging on the doors are a nice touch. Y

ou can also use colored light bulbs in one or two of the outside fixtures.

Small touches, like a woodland centerpiece on a patio table can make a big difference in the personality of the area.

Remove Any Obstacles Along Pathways and Sidewalks

Always make sure that nothing obstructs sidewalks and pathways, inhibiting your guests’ ability to walk around.

Before your guests begin to arrive, do a last-minute double-check to ensure any toys, bicycles or lawn tools are picked up and put away.

If you have a storage shed or space inside the garage, put them in these out-of-sight places.

Keeping them out of sight prevents children from seeing them and taking them back out into the yard while your guests are still there.

Check All Outdoor Lights

If you have outdoor lighting that brightens your deck, patio, or entire yard, make sure these are working properly.

This is a crucial step to take if you plan on your party lasting until after dark, or allowing guests to gather in your backyard.

Adding outside lighting sources prevents your guests from having to find their way around in the dark.

Small, solar-powered lights can also be placed along sidewalks, patios, and swimming pool areas to prevent people from tripping or wandering as they walk around your property.

Tim Taylor is an industrial engineer and entrepreneur with years of hands-on experience in the synthetic turf industry. As a member of the Synthetic Turf Council, he dedicates his time, energy, and resources to finding real solutions to real problems for synthetic turf products and installation processes.

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