What Are The Top Benefits of Artificial Grass For Businesses & Commercial Properties?

Commercial Turf Benefits

Keeping up the grass lawn outside your business represents a huge investment of time and money. 

Hiring a team of landscapers to mow and weed the front lawn of your commercial property is a drain on your bottom line — and hardly worth it if the green space in front of your shop or building is small. 

That’s why so many commercial establishments are opting for artificial grass. 

The advantages of commercial turf are too many and too valuable to ignore. 

If you’ve considered switching the lawn on your commercial property to artificial grass, we’ve compiled this list of benefits of fake grass for businesses. 

Artificial Grass Benefits for Commercial Properties

What are the Benefits of Artificial Grass for Businesses & Commercial Properties? 

Artificial grass is gaining popularity among homeowners and business owners all over the country, but particularly in hot, dry regions like Texas and Oklahoma. 

Business owners, architects, contractors, and property managers have begun to recognize the numerous benefits of artificial grass for commercial properties.

Below we’ve outlined to top 8 commercial turf benefits for you to review.

1. Reduced Maintenance Costs

1. Reduced Maintenance Costs 

When it comes to maintenance costs, there’s no contest — artificial grass wins out every time. 

Here’s a breakdown of just how much you can save by switching your property to artificial grass. 

In this example, we use the costs of fake grass vs. real grass for a 1,000 sq. ft. lawn over a 25-year period.

Artificial Grass Care & Maintenance Costs

Artificial Grass Maintenance Expenses

  • Powerbrushing: $175 
  • Spraying w/ hose: $6 a month (0.25 inches bi-weekly) = $72 annually
  • Infill replenishing: $100 minimum (annually)

Maintenance Costs Per Year: $281

25-Year Maintenance Total: $7,025

Natural Grass Care & Maintenance Costs

Natural Grass Maintenance Expenses

  • Mowing/edging: $780 annually ($30 per week for 6 months)
  • Spring/fall cleanup: $100
  • Fertilizing: $80
  • Aeration: $70
  • Weed abatement: $35
  • Sprinkler repair: $180
  • Leaf cleanup : $190
  • Watering: $567 (assuming watering for 6 months)

Maintenance Costs Per Year: $2,002

25-Year Maintenance Costs: $50,050

2. Easy-To-Maintain

2. Easy-To-Maintain 

In addition to the cost savings, artificial grass frees up your time and attention from supervising mowers or landscaping crews. 

Maintenance for artificial grass is done a few times a year, rather than a few times a month. 

To keep your artificial grass looking green and luscious all year round, you’ll need to brush it with a power broom or fluff it with a rake when it starts to get matted. 

If leaves or debris land on your artificial grass, you can use a rake, hose or leaf blower to clean things up. 

If you select a brand of turf that uses infill, you’ll probably need to replenish it once a year or so. 

So while fake grass isn’t maintenance-free, it is much easier to maintain than mowing, weeding, raking, watering, and fertilizing natural grass. 

3. Boosts Curb Appeal & Aesthetics

3. Boosts Curb Appeal & Aesthetics 

As a business owner, you know that customers and clients start forming an opinion about you, your services, and your business as soon as they pull up to your establishment. 

A beautiful aesthetic out front helps make that critical first impression for your business. 

Natural grass lawns require weeding and fertilizing to keep a smooth, luscious look. 

This is costly in time and money and, quite frankly, often a losing battle. 

It’s nearly impossible to keep the grass completely free of weeds and dead spots. 

With artificial grass, the exterior of your property will look neat, well-kept, weed-free, and attractive to your customers in every season of the year.

4. Environmentally-Friendly

4. Environmentally-Friendly & Sustainable 

Artificial grass has some hidden environmental benefits. 

In the US, 9 billion gallons of water are used outdoors each day, most of which is for watering lawns. 

Experts estimate that as much as half of that is wasted due to overwatering — perfectly good drinking water that goes down the sewer drain. 

All that waste water flushes any pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers that were on the lawn downstream with it, endangering ecosystems and waterways as well.   

Even if you don’t use many chemicals on the lawn at your place of business, you’ll always need to mow it, which is costly in carbon emissions. 

Did you know that a gas-powered lawn mower emits the same amount of carbon dioxide in one hour as 11 cars do? 

Multiply that by the number of weekly mows, and you have a significant impact on the environment. 

Artificial grass eliminates nearly all of the energy requirements of keeping up a natural grass lawn.

5. Reduced Water Costs

5. Reduced Water Costs 

The summer heat in Texas and Oklahoma requires citizens to use even more water than other parts of the country to keep their front lawns green. 

A 1,000 square-foot natural grass lawn will need 623 gallons of water per week for at least 6 months out of the year, which is no small expense. 

This is an easily avoidable cost for businesses and commercial properties. 

Installing artificial grass offers the benefit of not having to water your natural grass. 

You’ll also be free of the costs of maintaining a sprinkler system as well. 

6. Durable & Long Lasting

6. Durable & Long-Lasting [20-25 Years] 

Businesses and commercial properties will benefit for years from installing artificial grass one time. 

Modern turf products are manufactured using materials and techniques that ensure they’re able to withstand whatever you can throw at them. 

With minimal maintenance and upkeep, your property will enjoy a beautiful, lush, evergreen landscape for years to come. 

Most of our turf products come backed by a 15- to 20-year manufacturer’s warranty.

7. Versatile - Installs Anywhere

7. Versatile – Installs Anywhere 

The versatility of artificial grass is one of its major benefits. 

If the lawn on your property is an odd shape, difficult to get to with a mower, or in the shade — no worries. 

Artificial grass can be installed pretty much anywhere you can imagine. 

But artificial grass isn’t just for outdoor use anymore. 

More and more businesses are getting creative with their use of artificial grass, adding an organic-looking, natural aesthetic to otherwise sterile, concrete surfaces. 

Businesses use artificial grass in common areas, showrooms, rooftops, balconies, patios, around swimming pools, gyms and fitness centers, sports fields, offices, dog parks, pet areas, walls, putting greens, and more! 

Whether it’s for form or function, artificial grass can beautify any commercial space!

8. Safe for Children & Pets

8. Safe for Children & Pets 

IF children or pets are frequent visitors to your establishment, rest assured that artificial grass is safe for them too. 

Quality turf products don’t contain lead or other heavy metals, nor are they treated with chemicals like natural grass is. 

For added protection, some artificial grass companies offer turf products that are equipped with antimicrobial technology that’s built into the products during manufacturing. 

The antimicrobial additives, like our Microbe-Safe™ turf backing, help prevent the buildup of odors and bacteria and will last the full lifetime of the turf product.

Key Takeaways From Commercial Turf Benefits

Wrapping Up The Top 8 Commercial Turf Benefits 

If you’re a business owner, artificial grass on your commercial property is a win on many levels. 

It reduces your maintenance costs in time, hassle, and labor significantly. 

It also gives an attractive first impression to clients and customers that come to your place of business. 

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