Helpful Tips To Fix Dog Urine Spots on Your Grass

Helpful Tips To Fix Dog Urine Spots on Your Grass 1

Fix Dog Urine Spots on Your Grass with These Tricks

Many homeowners who consider dogs a part of their family must find ways to deal with the brown and yellow areas that appear upon the green grass of their lawns. Each time a dog eliminates waste, it leaves behind a dead and damaged spot in brown or yellow.

Dogs will often return to the same area repeatedly to relieve themselves. This, unfortunately, can kill natural grass leaving an unsightly bare spot. If you choose to use artificial turf, you still cannot avoid fading of the vibrant green color with the passage of time and frequent urination. Whether your home has natural grass or artificial grass lawn, large stains caused by dog urine can make the yard look unattractive and undesirable. Pet owners, however, can eliminate and minimize these use by installing an artificial grass dog run so pets have their own area of the lawn designated solely for them.

Dog Urine Spots in Your Artificial Turf… Rely on Your Artificial Grass Warranty

If you have artificial turf and find yourself faced with large areas of discolored grass caused by dog urine, check your warranty. Many manufacturers will replace those areas as part of the product warranty. It is important to thoroughly read the warranty for any product before you purchase it. Pet owners who know there is a possibility of urine stains should make sure whatever artificial turf product they choose to invest in offers partial replacement if the situation occurs. The warranty will also state any stipulations that may void the warranty. Read your warranty thoroughly and if you have any questions, call the company for clarification.

Consider Painting Your Lawn

People who have natural grass lawns are choosing to paint their lawns when they become discolored. Landscaping companies are now offering an organic paint that can restore the vibrant green color of natural grass. When considering painting or spraying your lawn a permanent color, you may want to call a landscaping company or two in your area to find out if their paint will work on urine-stained grass. Because of the organic salts and compounds in the urine, the paint may have a hard time adhering to the blades of grass. If it is not able to adhere properly, it will wash away or wear off much faster than it should.

Don’t be Afraid to Designate a Landscaped Area

Depending on where the stains are located, a homeowner may be able to remove the damaged area of grass. A small patio with a grill or barbecue pit is just one option to consider. A rock garden with a birdbath and decorative grasses is another way to cover up a damaged area of lawn. Or, choose to use a small fountain or pond to add a touch of water. Statues, flowering plants, different colors of foliage and lights can all be incorporated together to create a one of a kind area that compliments the look of the home.

When a lawn becomes damaged, there are several ways to correct the problem. With natural grass, the most common option is to remove the dead or dying grass and reseed that area with the same seed. However, areas stained by dog urine may not be conducive to viable grass growth.

The first few layers of soil may have to be removed due to years of damage, and they will need to be replaced with similar dirt to ensure good growth. You should also consider how much money you want to spend on annual, or even more frequent, repairs.

Wrapping Up Tips to Fix Dog Urine Spots on your Grass

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Tim Taylor is an industrial engineer and entrepreneur with years of hands-on experience in the synthetic turf industry. As a member of the Synthetic Turf Council, he dedicates his time, energy, and resources to finding real solutions to real problems for synthetic turf products and installation processes.

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