Installation Process

The Ideal Turf engineered installation process is unique. Every component of the installation has been carefully selected to insure maximum drainage to allow water and urine to flow through the the sand infill, artificial grass and the sub base into the earth.

Why is drainage so important. Just think about it. Do you want rain water running off your artificial grass or do you want it penetrating the turf system into the ground giving water to the earth as well as nearby trees and vegetation?

The Synthetic Turf Council recommends that artificial grass drain at 25 inches per hour. The IdealTurf MaxxFlow backing has been tested to surpass 300 inched per hour. Which would you rather have?

Sub Base

Sub base must wick away the liquid coming through from the turf. Crushed limestone drains superior to decomposed granite or crushed concrete. Besides draining it must compact to create a supportive foundation for the artificial turf.

Artificial Grass

The IdealTurf MaxxFlow drainage system beats them all other drainage systems by 10 fold. Draining at 300 inches per hour allows the water and urine to drain through the turf. 1000’s of microscopic holes allow the entire back to drain making it a recommended drainage system that is always important but paramount for dogs. Where you are wanting artificial grass for your entire yard or just a dog run drainage mandatory.

Rounded Infill is superior

Total Drainage System

Liquids must pass through the entire installation including:

✓ Infill…rounded sand
✓ Artificial grass…MaxxFlow at 300” /hour
✓ Sub base…crushed limestone is best
✓ Superior drainage


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