Solve Dog Potty Problems with Artificial Grass

Dogs love to run and romp in yards of all kinds, but your yard probably doesn’t love your dog — all of the fun dogs have across the surface of your green grass leaves behind awful effects. From running that creates rough and unsightly dead spots to digging that leaves behind holes and all kinds of behaviors in between, dogs spend a lot of energy outside on your precious green grass. How can you save your lawn without locking your dog inside?

Behaviors like digging and trampling are ones you can train a dog away from, but even dogs’ natural tendencies, like eliminating waste and urinating, can damage your lawn. If your grass has difficulties with drainage, or your variety of grass can’t withstand your dog’s bathroom habits, you may find that your grass features an odor buildup that just won’t disappear.

Don’t suffer through your dog’s potty problems; choose a safe, effective alternative to keep both your dog and your yard thriving – IdealTurf of North Texas’ synthetic turf installation.

IdealTurf of North Texas provides landscaping solutions for homeowners who seek both a safe, comfortable place for their dogs and a lawn that solves dog potty problems and drainage issues. The artificial grass installed by IdealTurf of North Texas is the top choice for animal care professionals. Only IdealTurf of North Texas synthetic lawns have a permeable backing that leads to superior drainage throughout the product, reducing any smell, stench, or sanitary issues. With IdealTurf of North Texas, your poor drainage problems are a worry of the past, keeping your yard free of doggy potty issues and the resulting odor.

In addition to its superior drainage capabilities, IdealTurf of North Texas lawn grass is also safe for pets. Little maintenance is required — there’s no need for a gardener, or specialized attention — and no pesticides are in the material, so you have no need to worry about chemicals that can harm your dogs. It’s also fun for your pets, as they enjoy the comfortable, soft and plush-to-the-touch synthetic lawn that takes the place of ever-dying traditional grass.

The benefits for your pets are overwhelming; there’s no better choice than IdealTurf of North Texas and their incredible synthetic lawns. Call today for a quote from our professionals, and you and your pet will be on your way to enjoying a new, beautiful lawn.