The 4 Best Backyard Putting Greens

The 4 Best Backyard Putting Greens 1

The 4 Best Backyard Putting Greens

Have you ever considered building your very own backyard putting green? You might not believe that your very own golf area is a lofty dream, but thanks to synthetic lawns, backyard putting greens are quickly becoming all the rage.

Golf enthusiasts nationwide are able to enjoy the benefits of an at-home putting green — all it takes is a new, different variety of grass. When you don’t have the time to fit in a golf outing and a full round of 18 holes, you don’t have to give up on golf. You can enjoy a bit of practice time in your own backyard any time of day you choose.

Don’t bother driving to the golf course to fight for a practice tee, or struggle to reserve time on the green when all you’d like to do is hit a few strokes to stay strong in your swing. The following four backyard greens are just a few options that golfers are adding to their own lawns, beautiful and perfect for the avid golfer like yourself.

Putting Green #1: The Challenging Curve

When you’re designing a backyard putting green, keep in mind that the practice green should be created to challenge you and encourage practice.

Installing a green that features a few curves and obstacles is perfect; if you’re a golfer who struggles with angles, you’ll be able to hone your swing at home.

No matter how frequently you play, you will be challenged with each shot you take on your own green. As your stroke improves, you can even discover new ways to approach the curves every time you face them, adapting your angles to move beyond obstacles.

Adding curves and slopes into your backyard design are ideal, as they provide a constant challenge in each putting scenario. Create a course that helps you hone your trickiest obstacles on the course, and you will have an advantage when on the golf course.

Putting Green #2: Small Size, Great Practice

Homeowners with smaller yards can still fit a backyard putting green into their space by choosing a design that is effective, providing ample room for practice.

Choose to place the area off to the side of your backyard space, and surround it with stone or other landscaping materials, which makes the putting green both a decorative area and a functional one.

Even if your yard is small, there are many options available; your green can be made in any shape, allowing you the maximum practice benefits. If your yard is oddly shaped, don’t fight your space.

Instead, use the shape to your advantage to create a unique putting green that features angles, curves, or perhaps even multiple obstacles to help you practice the most difficult shots.

Let your small yard help you master the difficult putts, and you’ll find that the simpler ones become easy.

Putting Green #3: Unique Landscaping

You don’t have to get complicated when you choose to add a putting green in your backyard. If you only want to install a simple green, it can still be beyond ordinary.

Design the shape you want, and surround it with stone and decorative foliage, and your putting green will function as both a beautiful space and a practice green.

You will create a functional, decorative area that everyone will be drawn to whether they are avid golfers, fans of the sport, or putting newbies. All of your guests will want to putt on your attractive and appealing artificial grass golf green.

A simple, less challenging putting green will encourage even those who have never played the sport to try their hand at your backyard course.

Putting Green #4: Go Ahead, Get Creative

If you have the money and the space, you can turn your backyard into almost any size and design of backyard putting green you wish — forget a few holes, and go for as many as you can fit in your space.

Combine recreational areas like a pool or fountain with backyard putting green to create an amazing at-home golf course to rival your local 18-hole links. Any existing bodies of water can be used as a make-shift water hazards, and items like barbecue islands and seating areas can be incorporated as tricky challenges.

Creating a putting green that’s made of artificial grass is also long-lasting, as it prevents grass and other yard waste from mucking up your course.

Although a more intricate and creative putting green will be more expensive than a simpler one, its benefits and versatility will not only improve your golf game as you use it to practice, but it can also increase the value of your home by adding beauty and unique features.

Wrapping Up The 4 Best Backyard Putting Greens

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We look forward to answering all your questions and working with you to transform your home!

Tim Taylor is an industrial engineer and entrepreneur with years of hands-on experience in the synthetic turf industry. As a member of the Synthetic Turf Council, he dedicates his time, energy, and resources to finding real solutions to real problems for synthetic turf products and installation processes.

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