The Ideal Artificial Grass System for Dogs & Pets

As dog and pet owners / lovers, we appreciate being able to offer the best place for our friendly-companions and additional family members to be able to run, play, and have fun outside in a natural feeling environment without the mess the mess that comes afterwards from dirty, muddy paw prints.

Our pet-safe artificial grass system is the all-in-one solution specifically designed for dogs to allow your pet to joyfully play outside without any mess, discomfort, or complications. Check out the amazing features that our in-house, custom designed artificial grass for pets can provide, the installation options available, and the environments best suited for your new lawn.

Ideal Turf Artificial Grass Features

Every family that loves their pet wants the very best for them, similar to the feelings parents have to their children. Artificial grass and turf needs to be able to look green and beautiful while maintaining durability cleanliness. That’s why our artificial grass with its MaxxFlow drainage system is leading the turf industry in capability and durability: our goal is to help pet owners to provide the best play area for their pets while maintaining odor free cleanliness and a healthy green lawn. Our grass provides:

Unparalleled Drainage Capability

Ideal Turf’s drainage capability is unmatched, being able to drain 1,500 cubic inches of water per hour. There’s no better artificial grass drainage system on the market as of 2019.

Completely Odor Free Artificial Grass

While we all love our pets, they’re not without challenges, including their smelly odor that they can leave behind when they urinate or defecate outside on the lawn. Thanks to our MaxxFlow drainage system, our artificial grass doesn’t hold any liquid, ever. No water/no urine means no odor or smells left on your yard.

The Most Durable Artificial Grass

With the amount of running and playing across your lawn, dogs especially larger ones tend to leave unsightly dead spots on the grass from their paw prints, digging, and of course urinating. Our own design of artificial turf is especially durable and has gone through extensive testing to prevent wear and tear from even the largest and most active dogs.

Custom Designed Turf Lawn Installations

Pets and especially dogs come in a wide variety of sizes, from a small 2 lb puppy chihuahua to a near 200 lb. english bull mastiff. While most people tend to own dogs between 15 lbs. and 120 lbs. your lawn should be durable and effective in properly managing your pets appearance, urine, and playfulness. Every dog also spends a varying amount of time outside and can be either considered an outdoor or indoor dog. Based on the needs of you and your pet, while keeping in mind that other animals might end up on that turf lawn in the future, we’ll install the best customized turf lawn you need.

Clearly, with the variety of different needs, there are a few important factors to take into consideration when designing and testing artificial grass for dogs. As not everyone needs the same type of artificial grass for their dog, we have custom designed our artificial turf to meet your specific needs.

The Ideal Turf Pet System provides the best solution for your pet in terms of actual application of artificial lawn.

The Ideal Turf Artificial Grass Installation Includes:

Organic 100% Recyclable Odor Prevention

All of our turf is 100% recyclable and odor preventing through our MaxxFlow drainage system that prevents any water, urine, or other liquid from collecting on your artificial grass.

Hard-Tested Durability

It’s important to guarantee that the product you use to replace your lawn has been fully tested against real pets of all sizes, not just passed the simple development. Our turf is the only fully-tested pet-friendly and durable artificial grass on the market.

Recognizing High-Quality Installation

High-quality artificial grass installation is quickly noticeable. Keep an eye out for uneven artificial turf surface, level issues, bubbles, pooling water on or within the turf. Proper turf installation prevent greater cost in repair damage in the future.

Eco-Friendly Lawns

Did you know that most natural lawns that are treated and cared for use damaging or toxic chemicals to pets and children?

Ideal Turf’s artificial grass is a non-toxic, hypo-allergenic turf that doesn’t need watering, fertilizer, or worse: pest control.

Our latest 2019 custom-designed artificial turf has been carefully developed and improved to vastly outperform the older turf materials that we have used in the past while further assisting in the protection of our wonderful environment. In fact, our turf was developed in-house as opposed to many other companies in Texas simply installing an outsourced artificial grass. If you’re looking for the best quality turf lawn that’s environmentally friendly, built to last, and look amazing all year long, then there’s no better artificial grass than ours at Ideal Turf.