IdealTurf Offer Pet Owners #1 Choice For Pet Friendly Artificial Turf

IdealTurf Dallas Texas provides artificial turf perfect for pet friendly applications. Only IdealTurf offers a revolutionary drainage capabilities, which along with its unparalleled realistic look and feel, makes it the perfect choice for pet and dog owners.

Because of its unmatched durability, IdealTurf of North Texas has proven to stand up to the most challenging of dogs and pets and its low maintenance features make keeping a beautiful, problem-free lawn all year long easy. Plus, over time, IdealTurf pet friendly artificial grass for dogs saves thousands of dollars in maintenance and watering.

Drainage is the difference  – and only IdealTurf delivers the best drainage solution!

The MaxxFlow backing surface provides the best drainage and zero absorption. Zero absorption means zero odor. Not only that IdealTurf’s Pet Turf can hold up to even the toughest pets and pet waste.

The integrated weed barrier eliminates the need to purchase and install a separate one, and saves you time and money.

Yes – you read that right! When IdealTurf Dallas Texas installs artificial turf for your pet areas you will end with beautiful, practical landscaping and it will save you money.

Here’s why dog owners love IdealTurf Dallas Texas pet friendly artificial turf:

  • MaxxFlow drainage
    • No odor and easy clean up
  • Discolor and stain resistant
  • Most dogs will give up digging
  • Fixes dogs killing the grass
  • No more muddy paws prints
  • Artificial dog grass that is non-toxic and hypo-allergenic
  • Conserves water and eliminates fertilizing

Dog-friendly. With the pedigree to prove it.