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The normal routine of day-to-day life can sometimes get too busy to keep up with. On top of your normal household chores and responsibilities, once you throw yard work into the mix, the list can seem overwhelming. Artificial grass is the perfect solution to help you eliminate some of your “to-do” tasks that are associated with normal yard work. When you decide to invest in artificial grass, you’re choosing to not only reduce chores, but you’re also eliminating expenses that come with normal yard maintenance. In an effort to spend less time working at your home and more time actually enjoying it, artificial grass will help you do just that.

Below are just some of the chores that you can nix off your long list of things to do once you install artificial grass!


Mowing your yard can sometimes feel like daunting chore. Especially when you hate yard work to being with. Finding the time to mow is whole other story. With artificial grass, you’ll never have to mow again. Once installed, artificial grass remains at a current height, never growing, never needing mowing. You’ll also eliminate your need for a mower, gas, blades and mower repair maintenance. Your lawn will look great all year round, with little effort or time!

Watering Your Grass

Synthetic grass requires very little watering after installation and therefore your hose pulling, watering duties will become a distant memory. Other than an occasional spraying to keep your turf clean, you won’t have to worry about watering every day – no matter what the climate!


Weeds are the worst. Can we agree? It’s a chore to weed eat of course, but it’s an even bigger chore to devote time to pulling weeds that grow in the hardest to reach areas of your yard. Weeds can also be costly depending on the amount of weed killer spray you have to buy, on top of weed eater oil, string and maintenance. With artificial turf, weeds and weed eating become a thing of the past, as they do not grow on synthetic grass.

Sprinkler Maintenance

A lot of homeowners invest in a sprinkler system once they buy their homes. They want their lawns to look their best and feel a sprinkler system will save them time on having to water the grass. With artificial grass, you’ll find that you won’t need to have a sprinkler system at all. Sprinkler systems, although they sound simple enough, can actually create more work for you when the sprinkler heads need changing or maintenance. With artificial grass maintaining a sprinkler system will no longer be a chore, because turf won’t need that constant watering in order to flourish.

Fire Ant and Insect Control

Fire ants and insects can take over a yard. The spring and summer months are prime time for mounds to pop up everywhere and spiders to spin massive webs. It can sometimes be a daily chore to try and control these ants and insects by applying ant killer, insect sprays or trying out home remedies. Artificial turf quite simply eliminates ants, as well as other insects and their overtaking, as turf has no organic value, so they have nothing to feed on. Fire ants also will find that it’s impossible to come up through drainage holes in a turf surface and will therefore find real grass to make their homes.


Natural lawns require mowing and therefore grass clippings are usually left behind. That leaves you another chore of bagging and raking those clippings. Artificial grass allows you stop bagging, because you’ll never have to mow it and therefore grass clipping will no longer exist.


For hotter climates, grass is harder to keep healthy and fertilizing becomes essential to keeping any yard looking great. Forget about making time to fertilize, forget about researching fertilizer and forget about spending money on fertilizers. Artificial turf doesn’t require any fertilization in order for it to remain green and healthy.


Each year, homeowners add re-seeding to their “to-do” list. They want their yard to start out each spring looking its best. Once you install artificial turf your desire for a beautiful, green, plush lawn will become as effortless as it is instant. Re-seeding will be a thing of the past, as it’s not a factor for artificial grass.

Filling Divots

With yards that experience heavy foot traffic, divots can be a real issue. Between kids playing and pets digging and uproot grass, you’ll find that natural grass will require you to fill divots quite a lot. These holes have to be filled as they can eventually become hazardous. Artificial grass however, allows for a surface that is a constant level, impossible to uproot and durable for any foot traffic it may encounter.

Artificial grass is a great investment because it low maintenance and it allows you to actually enjoy your home more without having to work yourself to death. It eliminates so many daunting tasks such as mowing and weed eating and fertilizing. It allows you to have the yard of your dreams, without all of the effort that normally has to go into a natural lawn. No matter the time of year or the climate, your yard is ready for play and parties and anything in between. Upon installation you’ll be getting curbside appeal, but you’ll also be lessening your yard work chores and ultimately giving you more time to enjoy your family and your yard.

Tim Taylor is an industrial engineer and entrepreneur with years of hands-on experience in the synthetic turf industry. As a member of the Synthetic Turf Council, he dedicates his time, energy, and resources to finding real solutions to real problems for synthetic turf products and installation processes.

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