The Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass for Commercial Properties

It is common to see artificial turf upon the front spaces and lawns of homes throughout your city. After all, this type of fake grass is ideal for residential homes. However, did you know that artificial grass and turf can also be suited for businesses? If you wish to keep your property looking green year-round, well cared for, and maintained with the most minimal effort, artificial turf is your grass of choice. Of course, there are pros and cons when considering both natural grass and artificial turf. In order to choose the best option, you will need to understand both the advantages and drawbacks to these types of lawns, as well as how each appears in your outdoor spaces.

The Pros: Why Artificial Turf is an Ideal Option for Commercial Businesses

Business owners are often more concerned about what happens inside their buildings rather than those outside; however, it’s important to consider those green spaces, too. Business owners who choose to replace natural grass with an artificial variety will find a host of advantages that make it both cost effective and worthwhile. The advantages of artificial grass include the following:

  • It is Cost Effective – The cost required to install artificial turf is typically divided between the number of years the lawn will remain in place, determining a per-year cost price. Natural grass care, meanwhile, must factor in the cost of equipment maintenance for items like lawn mowers, and operations, as well as the human hours needed to keep the grass looking nice.
  • It is Maintenance Free – Those who are considering artificial turf will be happy to hear that it requires little to no maintenance. Once installed, there is no need to hire a mowing or landscaping crew to maintain your grass, saving you thousands each year.
  • End Excessive Water Use – Artificial turf does not require water to look fresh and vibrant. In fact, those who operate businesses in states with state-mandated water restrictions are able to save money every month by avoiding watering lawns regularly.
  • Ever and Always Green – Artificial turf has one particular advantage; it can stay green and vibrant all year long, with no need for the additions of fertilizer or herbicides. Drought or no drought, artificial turf keeps your business lawn looking fantastic.

The Cons: Is Artificial Turf Worth It?

  • For all of its benefits and advantages, artificial turf does of course have drawbacks that may not make it useful or beneficial for all business properties. In some cases, installing artificial turf may not be a wise choice; although it may be cost effective, it does not suit every business. A few of the most noticeable drawbacks include:
  • Fading and discoloration – While most brands of artificial turf offer warranties against fading after exposure to direct sunlight, some may begin to fade over time.
  • Lack of signage – Once artificial turf is installed, it can be difficult to remove and replace. For example, if your business chooses to install signs, billboards or other types of signage out in your green lawn space, you cannot stick them into artificial turf because it features no dirt.
  • Difficult to remove – Once artificial turf is professionally installed and your grass ripped away, it can be hard to restore a natural grass lawn back in its original place. The extensive preparations required to ready a lawn for artificial turf have the tendency to pack down the soil, making it so compact that the roots of newly planted grass have difficulty spreading and securing, meaning you’ll be left with dead grass the next year.

Is it Right for Your Business?

Before installing artificial turf on you business property, you must make sure it is the right choice and decision for your company. In some cases, the choice to replace natural lawns with artificial ones can end up being extremely costly; for example, if the company moves or decides it no longer needs an artificial lawn. Artificial turf is a long-term investment, and should not be treated as a quick fix.