Our Top 10 Easy Backyard Improvements for Outdoor Entertaining

Backyard Improvements for Entertaining

Some easy backyard improvements can make a big difference in just about any backyard, large or small! 

Ramp up your yard’s entertainment value and your property value by upgrading or adding backyard improvements and fixtures like fire pits, pergolas, bocce ball courts, and more.

You can further enhance most backyard improvements by installing artificial grass to augment or enhance the space.

Synthetic turf beautifies your lifestyle upgrades, makes your yard easier to maintain, and results in a cleaner, safer area for children, pets, and guests.

Here are 10 backyard improvements that add value, versatility, and enjoyment to backyards of all sizes.

1. Add Patio or Improve Existing Patio

1. Add a Patio or Improve an Existing Outdoor Living Space

Patios extend your living area outside, and with all the current patio options, you can find a style to match just about any décor. 

Patios today are made of concrete (including stamped designs), tile, pavers, stones, aggregate, and more.

Durable, versatile artificial grass is an increasingly popular ground cover for patios.

You can select from different materials, blade densities, and colors. 

Synthetic turf for patios can be installed over concrete, in-between pavers, or around the patio edges.

If you choose to use artificial grass on your patio, check out our guide on how to choose the best fake grass for patios.

2. Build a Fire Pit

2. Build a Fire Pit 

Relaxing outside before a glowing fire is a great way to spend a chilly evening. 

No wonder so many people are adding fire pits to their backyards and patios!  

Firepits come in many different designs, materials, shapes, and sizes.

Fuel options include wood, natural gas, and propane.  

Some firepits are built into the landscape as a permanent fixture, while others are meant to be moveable. 

Pre-assembled and DIY kits are available, or you can have your firepit custom-built by a landscape professional.

3. Create Outdoor Living Room

3. Create an Outdoor Living Room

When thinking of an outdoor living room, many people think of locations like Florida, southern California, or the deserts of the Southwest. 

But having a fresh air retreat in any climate increases living space and can increase your property value.

If you already have a pergola or covered patio, creating an outdoor living room is relatively simple.

Install artificial grass as your “carpet” to take advantage of its year-round beauty and low maintenance. 

Synthetic turf is easy to clean with a garden hose and feels great on bare feet.

Then add some water-resistant outdoor furniture, lighting, outdoor speakers, potted plants, and possibly even a firepit and a TV and games cabinet. 

You’ll be all set for what could easily become the favorite room on your property.

4. Install a Built-In BBQ Pit

4. Install a Built-In BBQ Pit

Most of us would enjoy having an outdoor kitchen, but it can be costly to build.

Building a BBQ pit, on the other hand, is much simpler and less expensive.

A simple BBQ pit can be built as a weekend DIY project using concrete blocks and racks stacked on the flat ground. 

More complex designs may include bricks and cement as well.

It will keep mud and debris away from your food area and washes up easily with a garden hose sprayer. 

5. Build a Pergola or Patio Cover

5. Build a Pergola or Patio Cover

Another weekend DIY project is to enhance your patio space with a pergola or patio cover. 

Many smaller pergola models are available at home improvement stores either pre-assembled or in the form of a kit that can be easily assembled on site. 

For a larger pergola or patio cover or a more complex design, you may want to hire a professional.

Whichever size or type you choose, artificial turf can be incorporated to add versatile, year-round privacy and protection options to your pergola or covered patio.

6. Install a Bocce Ball Court

6. Install a Bocce Ball Court

Bocce ball is gaining popularity as an excellent backyard game for all ages. 

It’s sort of a cross between bowling, croquet, and shuffleboard and involves rolling small balls down a long, flat court to knock the balls of your opponents out of the way before reaching the end.

The best surface for a bocce ball court is synthetic turf laid over concrete, tile, or pavers. 

It’s beautiful year-round, provides the perfect rolling surface, and requires very little maintenance. 

Although the standard bocce ball court is 12’ wide by 60’ long, we can customize one to fit within the dimensions of your yard.

7. Install a Backyard Putting Green

7. Install a Backyard Putting Green

Nothing helps a golfer improve their short game faster than having a custom-designed putting green in their backyard. 

And nothing beats artificial grass for creating a smooth, beautiful, low-maintenance putting green.

When you choose synthetic turf for your backyard putting green, you can forget any worries about mud, puddles, or divot damage. 

Your putting green will provide superb drainage, the perfect density, and the ideal blade height.

You don’t just have to take our word for it.

We published a detailed customer review of a client’s experience getting a putting green installed in his backyard called, Taking The Backyard Putting Green Plunge.

Below are links to several resources that we’ve published to help with your research and decision-making when considering a home golf green.

8. Install Landscape & Outdoor Lighting

8. Install Landscape & Patio Lighting

Install landscape and patio lighting to enhance the atmosphere of your backyard, particularly for outdoor entertaining. 

Simple lighting jobs including solar lights along walkways, uplighting along fences and bushes, and fairy lights over the patio can make a huge difference in both your family’s day-to-day enjoyment as well as upgrading the setting for your next backyard party.

Having beautified your backyard with lighting, don’t stop there. 

Finish the look with artificial grass.

It’s beautiful year-round and low maintenance.

It drains well and can be rinsed down with the garden hose. 

It’s cost-effective compared to mowing, weeding, and replacing damaged grass. 

Lastly, it’s cleaner and safer for children and pets due to eliminating the need for herbicides or fertilizers.

9. Add A Play Structure

9. Add a Play Structure

Adding a play structure to your backyard does more than merely keep your children occupied and having fun.

This backyard improvement can serve as the beginning of a healthy lifelong habit of getting regular physical exercise outdoors.

Your play structure can be as simple or complex as you want to make it, from swings and slides to multiple action stations.

To get as much out of your investment as possible, choose a style that can grow with your kids.

Before you install the play structure, you should consider installing playground turf beneath it.

Artificial grass is clean, safe, low-maintenance, and can’t be destroyed by even the most active children and pets.

If you choose to go the artificial grass route, we published a guide to help you choose the best artificial grass for children’s play areas.

For more backyard improvements for kids, check out our recent post on backyard ideas for kids.

10. Add An Outdoor Kitchen

10. Add an Outdoor Kitchen

When looking to create an outdoor entertaining paradise, an outdoor kitchen is the first backyard improvement that comes to mind.

An outdoor kitchen will not only add value to your home, but it’s also a very practical addition for homeowners that like to entertain.

To get the biggest ROI, you will want to ensure the outdoor kitchen space is truly functional, and one that can be used at least three out of four seasons.

That might include a ceiling fan to enjoy a cool breeze on hot summer days, and a fireplace or fire pit to warm up during those cool fall evenings

We also recommend that your outdoor kitchen have plenty of counter space for prepping food and party supplies. 

A nearby sink for washing hands, and of course a space and electrical connection to hang a television.

It might go without saying that the best grill you can afford will go a long way too.

Wrapping Up Our List of Backyard Improvements for Entertaining

Wrapping Up Our List of 10 Backyard Improvements for Entertaining Outdoors 

Whichever backyard improvements you choose, enhance them with green, beautiful, low-maintenance artificial grass.

There are a lot of specifics to understand about artificial grass

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