IdealTurf of North Texas Makes Pet-Friendly Simple with Pet Grass

Every pet owner considers their pets to be a part of the family. These fluffy, furry, and excitable family members are bundles of love — but sometimes, pets can go to war with lawns, digging, destroying, and killing your greenest green areas. Whether your pets have a fondness for digging up flowerbeds, leaving trails of dead spots through their favorite sections of your yard, tracking mud into your house after tramping through the planters, or can’t stop creating messy areas of mud and dirt, your lawn and your pets are often at odds, engaged in a nonstop battle between greenery’s growth and pet playtime.

Most often, pets win, killing off lawns in large sections. You don’t, however, have to sacrifice your green grass for your pup. Both can exist and grow in harmony, if you make the right choice in lawn product. For pet owners, the best choice is IdealTurf.

IdealTurf of North Texas offers landscaping solutions for homeowners in the Dallas-Forth Worth area who seek to create a beautifully green and healthy-looking lawn that is also pet-friendly. When you choose IdealTurf of North Texas, which offers synthetic turf installation that looks and feels like real grass, your pets won’t notice a difference. With IdealTurf, pets can enjoy their outdoor playtime in the yard while you relax — there’s nothing to worry about when they’re playing outside. IdealTurf is less work for homeowners and pet-lovers, less time-consuming and less of a headache than natural grass that just won’t grow.

You won’t be the only one who loves your new synthetic lawn. Pets will enjoy the synthetic lawn grass, too, because it’s soft, comfortable and plush. It’s safe, too, and free of potentially damaging and harmful chemicals. IdealTurf includes no toxic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers of any kind. Artificial turf is also an incredibly durable lawn option that can withstand the wear and tear of your pets. Fido won’t be able to dig holes or kill patches of grass; IdealTurf’s technology provides long-lasting synthetic lawns that stand the test of pets. Additionally, IdealTurf of North Texas is a variety of fake turf that features superior draining capabilities, which prevents your pets from tracking mud, dirt, or grass clippings into your home.

You don’t have to suffer through an unending battle between pets and the growth of grass. Choose the easy, safe, efficient and effective option for you and your family pets: give IdealTurf of North Texas a call today to receive a customized quote just for your lawn needs, and prepare for pet-friendly grass that’s easy to maintain.