Why Your Pets will Prefer a Synthetic Lawn by IdealTurf of North Texas

Your pets are as invested in your lawn as you are: they want soft, comfortable grass that they can run, play, and roll upon while outside. Of course, you want the same for your lawn — but you also have a few additional requests and requirements as a homeowner. You want grass that is clean, that drains excess water quickly and easily, and that is healthy and green. What if you could make both yourself and your pets happy with your lawn? You can achieve this goal by installing IdealTurf.

IdealTurf of North Texas offers artificial lawn installation at your home that looks and feels like the real thing; neither you nor your pets will be able to notice the difference. Synthetic turf is safe and comfortable for your pets to spend time running, jumping, chasing and playing — and it’s a sturdy product. All of the play and foot traffic across a fake lawn doesn’t create holes, brown patches or dead, bare spots. Instead, it remains green, even, and natural-looking no matter how it is enjoyed.

Your pets will certainly enjoy IdealTurf synthetic lawn turf, and you will, too. Artificial turf is cleaner than natural grass because it has a rubber infill instead of soil, preventing mud or dirt from being tracked into your house and across your indoor flooring. Additionally, IdealTurf artificial lawn grass features superior drainage capabilities, so standing water is never an issue at your home. With no wet dirt, or mud, to form with a lack of soil, it’s easy to keep your yard and pets clean.

IdealTurf of North Texas also offers the following advantages:

  • Low maintenance.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Installed by trained and skilled professionals.
  • Cost efficient for years to come.
  • Perfect for dog parks, playgrounds, schools, and even businesses.

This is something you, your family, and your pets can agree on – choose to make it easier on yourself while still allowing your fun-loving pets and children to play without worry for your lawn. Call IdealTurf of North Texas today for a quote on synthetic grass installation at your home.

Call today, get pet grass from your free, design adviser who will help make your pet happy, and receive a quote from the professionals so you and your pet can enjoy a new, beautiful lawn.